Our authors put a great deal of thought and care into drafting their Faithify campaigns. One of the best parts of my work is reading stories of hope and action that are in these projects. The effort of getting a campaign to launch day is only one piece of having a successful fundraising campaign. After a Faithify campaign goes live, a new initiative begins!

Campaign promotion is the most intensive part of running a crowdfunding campaign but it’s simple. Successful authors have a plan to build and sustain energy. Figure out who is your community, what messages you want them to know, and where to put those messages so the community will see them. WHO has a stake in your project succeeding? WHO can help with the work of promotion? WHAT is the mission of your project?  WHAT impact does your project have on people’s lives? WHERE does your community go for information and inspiration? Is there more than one place?

Our free video course, FAITHIFY UNIVERSITY, includes information on promotion. Helpful videos on our YouTube channel include Mapping Your Networks and Getting the Word Out to plan the WHO, WHAT, and WHERE of campaign promotion.

Lastly, a metaphor: Bamboo. Yes, bamboo the plant! Bamboo has many qualities that apply to the work of promoting a successful Faithify campaign.


    1. Bamboo is needs to be nurtured so it can grow: A bamboo seedling needs water, proper soil, and light. It is tender before it can grow strong.  Nurture the relationships you are creating with your community of funders. Thank backers who have already given to your campaign. A simple thank you can go a long way in generating good will. You can download a list (https://faithify.org/interacting-with-donors/) of people who have pledged to your campaign and send them a message of gratitude either via email, or by giving them a “shout out” on your social media platform or newsletter. (Make sure to respect any wishes of anonymity.)  Your campaign promotion needs the care of planning and a team of helpers to help get out the message. Don’t go it alone! Even if you are going to be the sole person creating publicity, you need other people to keep up your spirit when campaign energy stalls and remind you how important your project is.
    2. Bamboo is tenacious: Anyone who has lived with bamboo in their yard knows that once bamboo is growing, it grows strong and can not be contained. Campaigns go through peaks and troughs over their duration. When giving has stalled, find new platforms or new messages about your Faithify campaign. Look at what past messages have engagement and build new content from that knowledge. Go back to your mission for clarity about why you are doing this in the first place. Don’t give up!
    3. Bamboo is flexible: These long plants can bend in the wind without breaking, withstand enormous pressure, and navigate around obstacles. Sometimes there are disappointments along the way. Maybe there’s not as much reaction as you had hoped, or maybe the plan you made for publicity isn’t working. If you run into a problem in your campaign, find a new way to keep going. Ask for (and accept) help from someone involved in your project who may have a different perspective to share.  Different generations especially can bring insight on new ideas for communication.
    4. Bamboo is useful: It’s food, a building material, clothing fabric, and an ornamental plant. The project you are crowdfunding on Faithify is useful – so let people know the impact it has! How does this project grow love and connection in our world? How does that love and connection have use to people? Be concrete in describing these (sometimes) ephemeral qualities. When people feel like a project is useful and has an impact, they want to support it.

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