Hey, we get it- preparing virtual worship every week is hard! Please accept this gift for UUA congregations to help lighten the load.

Here’s two paired elements, a “story” and a longer reflection, on the theme of Obstacles, Play, and Teamwork. Both elements were written and delivered by Credentialed Religious Educator and Faithify Project Manager, Halcyon Westall.

Obstacles, Part One is a 6 minute recorded slideshow, which could be used as a Message for All Ages, exploring how obstacles can be  a problem or fun. It goes on to discuss the different roles for people on teams, and working together to get through tough challenges.


Part Two is a recording based on the text of a recent Faithify article of the same name. This 13 minute reflection delves deeper into how we can develop a mindset of play and curiosity towards the obstacles that we find in community.


Access Parts One and Two for online viewing on You Tube at our FaithifyUU Virtual Worship playlist or download as mp4 files by clicking the images above.


Contact Us for help accessing files or for other questions about these elements for virtual worship.

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