Mobilizing Networks for Rapid Response

This workshop was presented at UUA General Assembly, 2017 in New Orleans, Louisiana


Justice work necessitates rapidly responding to emerging events. Faithify reaches funders at the speed of social media. Crowdfunding campaigns, like UU Presence with Standing Rock, connect faithful hearts to ministries in headline news. Learn to amplify your timely justice work, mobilize networks, and build active relationships with passionate funders.

Rev. Karen Von Fossan, Hilary Allen, and Halcyon Westall join in a conversation about how to prepare, activate, and fund your community’s mission centered justice work!

If you are thinking about launching a new campaign on, we have lots of resources to help you prepare and plan for a successful experience. This workshop was geared for Justice projects, but the essential information is good for any category of campaign. Here’s some highlights:

"Go slow first"

The groundwork you do before your campaign will make it possible for you to quickly make decisions, spread publicity, and fund the project. You know how firefighters are ready at a moment’s notice? That’s because they lay out their boots and uniform right by the truck – The discernment you do for your project will make you speedy when managing your campaign.

Other tips that will save you time:

  • Setup your Faithify account in the congregation’s name (not a personal name)
  • Connect to a Stripe account and add the bank info to your Stripe Account
  • TAKE PHOTOS ALL THE TIME!!! Use these photos for update to your Faithify campaign page, in social media posts, and in internal publicity.

"Crowdfunding uses the same rules..."

We are sometimes asked for a magic formula to run a successful crowdfunding campaign. A Google search will turn up hundreds of articles with tips, but like any church project, a Faithify campaign thrives with the core practices of healthy congregational life.

  • Communicate with each other
  • Share the work – can you delegate tasks so it’s not a burden on any one person? Communication and publicity are a big part of a campaign, let many hands take on this most important task!
  • Know who to ask about things you might encounter (for example: financial matters, partnerships in the community, or expanding the campaign with a stretch goal)
  • Say yes to each other. Exciting ideas come from listening to new voices!
  • Be Accountable. Right relationship rests with you all (so update your funders) because you are building long-term relationships, right?

"When one congregation is called, we are all called."

There is a magic to keeping resources moving! Our covenantal UU theology means that we are continuously positioning and repositioning ourselves in relationship with each other: within our congregation, region, association, and world. Each Faithify campaign supports Unitarian Universalist values, so we all have an interest in each campaign’s success! The risk associated with a crowdfunding campaign does not have to be borne by the one community. When the financial risk is shared, more energy is freed up in our congregations and communities.

Want to see more? All the slides from the workshop plus the handout guide, “How to Craft a Vision and Ask for Faithify,” are below!

Recording: Mobilizing Networks for Rapid Response

Slides: Faithify-GA2017-Workshop

Handout: How to Craft a Vision and Ask for Faithify

Resources Mentioned: The Sweet Spot