The UU Congregation of the Lowcountry (Bluffton, SC) sends us an update on their successfully funded project, Student Tech Connect:

Our Faithify campaign raised $4,100 for Student Tech Connect. These funds came from generous donations of UU Congregation of the Lowcountry (UUCL) members and friends, and from UU friends across the country. Hear inspiring stories about Student Tech Connect in this video story from the Beaufort County School District:
Thanks to our Board of Trustees for agreeing to sponsor the Student Tech Connect campaign and thanks to our many members and friends for their generous donations.
UUCL has expanded their partnership with the Community Foundation by helping to clean three Gullah cemeteries here on Hilton Head island. Member Peter Kandis reports, “That work felt so meaningful that now we have 15 congregants that will take a ferry to Daufuskie Island to clean up five or six Gullah cemeteries. We will be joined by 35 other participants in the project on the ferry ride over and back.”

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