New for April 2021:  No “All-or-Nothing” threshold for education, credentialing, and professional development fundraising campaigns by Unitarian Universalist Religious Professionals!

illustrating the search for UU FundingMost fundraisers on Faithify need to reach a set goal before any of the donations will be processed (All-or-Nothing funding). This general practice encourages people to set reasonable goals and enthusiastically promote their campaigns, ensures backers that projects will get completed, and is proven to lead to more successful fundraisers. (Hello, Faithify’s 84% successful campaign rate!)

However, some projects are best served if funds are immediately processed. Success for these projects does not require a strict goal. Faithify does have categories of fundraisers that are exempt from the All-or-Nothing threshold:  UUA General Assembly expenses and Disaster Relief. And now we are adding a third goal exempt category of campaigns, Religious Professional Credentialing and Development.  That’s right, we are dropping the goal requirement to process donations to religious professional education and training campaigns – what you raise, you keep!

You asked for this and we listened.  Now you will keep every dollar you raise for your formation and continuing development as a Religious Professional. We charge no fees* to host your campaign AND you get real human Unitarian Universalist support for your fundraiser.

Why is Faithify making this change?

Removing hurdles to funding is vital to equitable education. Too many religious professionals are burdened with excessive student loans or do not have adequate professional development budgets to cover their expenses to attend vital trainings.

Faithify was created as an expression of covenantal relationship. This change reflects our ongoing commitment to expanding access and equity in transparent, grassroots fundraising.

What do we mean by “Credentialing and Development”?

Many types of educational and training experiences would qualify for this goal exempt category. Seminary courses, professional development workshops, clinical pastoral education, and expenses related to attend/complete these experiences (including travel, childcare, and books.)

Authors of these campaigns will need to describe to their potential backers what the experience is. Detailed information helps build trust and engagement.

Who can use this new Religious Professional Credentialing and Development category?

The intention is to help Unitarian Universalist religious professionals fund education and credentialing requirements. The definition of Religious Professionals is expansive: Seminarians, Religious Educators, Community Ministers, Musicians, Ordained Ministers, Membership Professionals, Administrators.

Like all Faithify authors, you must set up a connection to a Stripe account.

We will verify your aspirant or professional status in UU ministry. This verification is required for staff in congregations, those participating in the Unitarian Universalist Association Ministerial Fellowship, Religious Education and Musician Credentialing programs, and confirmed affiliation with or membership in a UU congregation. Describe your religious professional status in the Long Description section of the proposal form to help speed this verification process.

If you are a UU religious professional, but you do not fit into any of the situations listed above or you have questions, contact us and we will consider your individual circumstance and /or answer questions.

I am not a religious professional. Can I use this category?

This new category is limited to verified religious professionals who are engaged in Unitarian Universalist ministry.


Ready to start your Faithify crowdfunding campaign? Go to the getting started guide.

Got more questions? Check out our FAQ pages or contact Project Manager, Halcyon Westall to chat.

* While there is no cost for hosting a campaign on Faithify, our payment processor charges a small fee (2.9% + .30 per transaction)

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