Disaster Relief Campaigns

For Support After a Crisis

For many Unitarian Universalists, when a crisis strikes one of our communities it is a natural response to reach out and help. Situations on the ground evolve and needs change quickly. This guide is intended to help a community in the midst of a crisis when financial support is needed.

What is in your tool kit when people or forces of nature cause trauma or disaster?  Our Unitarian Universalist Association has many resources to help. Also the Unitarian Universalist  Trauma Response Ministry  is a team of trained individuals who can minister to those affected.

Beyond the impact of witness and presence with the community and connecting them to specific resources, helping raise funds can be an essential part of healing the system.

Faithify is a platform that will quickly allow funds to be solicited and collected by UU congregations and organizations without developing a separate infrastructure to account for or distribute the funds. Funds raised on faithify.org are sent directly to the campaign author’s bank account. Disaster Relief category campaigns are not open to individuals at this time.

Faithify charges no fee for hosting all campaigns on our site. More of your pledges go directly to supporting a community in need.

We waive the “All-or-Nothing” requirement for disaster relief campaigns.

Disaster Relief campaigns are created for a community in crisis that is working with UUA support staff and/or UUTRM volunteers. In recognition of the acute need faced in this sort of emergency, there is no minimum amount to raise. All funds pledged will be processed.

Faithify requirements for raising money for a Unitarian Universalist disaster relief campaign are:

  • Recommendation from UUA staff and/or UUTRM volunteers.
  • Written authorization for the fundraiser from the governing body or staff of the congregation, community, or organization who will ultimately receive the funds.
  • Funds must be deposited in the campaign author’s bank account, in an area served by our payment processor, Stripe.
  • UU Congregation/UU Organization authors must be in good standing with the UUA.
  • Non-UUA congregations and UU organizations outside the USA are currently not eligible for Disaster Relief category campaigns, but can propose a regular category Faithify campaign. (UUA congregations outside the USA are eligible for Disaster Relief category campaigns.)

Here’s what you need to launch an disaster relief campaign on Faithify :

  • Photos – at least one, more are better!
  • Description of the need
  • A bank account owned by the congregation/organization who is authoring the campaign, must be located in a area served by our payment processor, Stripe 
  • A contact person who can/will respond to questions. This could be a designated UUA staff person or a volunteer who is familiar with the need and community.

Contact us to discuss starting a disaster relief campaign through Faithify.