Posting a Project: Quick Start Help (Text Version)

The review process usually takes about 24-48 hours. Please connect a Stripe account before submitting your campaign.

1. Your Faithify Account

Campaigns on Faithify are linked to one user account. Register for a user account in the name of the congregation/organization/individual responsible for the project with the email address from which you would like receive Faithify communications.

  • Note: If you are creating a campaign for your congregation or organization, it should be separate from your personal Faithify account. Any pledges you make from this account will show the Display Name you set for this account.

Faithify funders will want to know the person or organization behind the campaign! As the campaign creator, your Display Name will be listed in the sidebar on the campaign page along with an optional profile picture.

  • Display Name: The person or organization who will receive funds raised through Faithify and to whom funds will be released. Campaign creators may be an individual. Just be aware that some backers prefer the stability, financial management processes, and layer of accountability provided by institutional recipients. Individual campaign creators may have tax liability. More on tax status/liability here.  The Display Name can be edited in the Account tab of your Dashboard.
  • Bio and Location: Funders will be curious about where campaigns will have impact.  Tell something to help funders trust investing in your project.
  • Website: Enter the website address of the congregation/organization/individual responsible for the project or your project partner’s website, so people can get a sense of who the campaign will benefit.
  • Social Media Addresses: You can add a profile picture and social media profiles for sharing your campaign on social media. The more information you give the more it will help backers from outside your community trust your project and fund your campaign!

Click the blue “Update Profile” button at the bottom of the page to save your changes!

Now you can create a new campaign by using the “Create Project” tab on the right of your Dashboard menu.

2. Project Proposal

Profile Information

Campaign title

The campaign name is like the headline for your campaign; it will appear throughout the site. This field is limited to 50 characters so that campaign creators provide short, compelling names.

  • Challenge yourself to describe your project in ways that convey your purpose AND will attract attention!

Goal Amount

This is the amount you intend to raise through Faithify.

  • Setting a Goal: Aspire but be realistic. Choose a goal that is a reach but reachable. Some campaign owners need to raise large amounts for their projects, for example, three accessibility ramps with a total cost of $150,000. It may be wise to break this amount down into a more concrete and realistic Faithify goal like $10,000 for two railings. Because projects can be listed on Faithify for no more than 60 days, think about what you can realistically raise in that amount of time.
  • Congregations in good standing with the Unitarian Universalist Association may be able to include checks towards their campaign goal. The amount of the check must be written directly to the congregation and note the campaign in its memo line. Contact Faithify staff to discuss if your congregation qualifies for this feature and how to document check donations for inclusion towards your goal.
  • All-or-Nothing: Faithify, like many crowdfunding sites, uses an “all-or-nothing” strategy. Regular campaigns must reach 100% of their goal to receive any funds. Funds donated to unsuccessful campaigns will not be processed.
    • All-or-nothing strategies are less risky than other approaches. Most projects need to reach a certain threshold to be viable. With all or nothing, campaign owners won’t have to deliver if they don’t get the funds they need.
    • All-or-nothing motivates people to engage their networks and spread the word about their campaign.
    • There are three categories of Faithify campaigns that remove the all-or-nothing goal: Disaster Relief campaigns, UU Religious Professionals Credentialing and Development campaigns,  and General Assembly travel and registration costs campaigns.

Project Category

Some Faithify-ers will want to search for projects based on the issues they care about most passionately. Choose the primary category that will help potential supporters find your project. Your choices are:

  • Beyond congregations; Building projects; Emerging churches; Faith formation; Interfaith; Justice; Leadership development; Multigenerational; Organizational development; Other; Outreach; Service; Staffing; Young adults; Youth

Start date/End date

Picking the right campaign duration is important! You can choose from among four choices for how long your project will appear on Faithify: 15, 30, 45, or 60 days.  The start date counts as one.

  • Choose carefully. The duration cannot be changed once your project launches.
  • Campaigns end at 10:55 PM US Eastern Time on the last day.
  • At the end of your campaign, your project will be archived and will not be eligible to receive additional funding (though you can surpass your goal during the campaign period). This countdown increases the intensity and urgency of every Faithify project. Think about how long you will need to excite and activate your networks.

Campaign End Option

Campaigns must close on the last day. Choose “Expires on End Date.”


Project Details

Project Short Description

You only have 325 characters to communicate the essence of your project so be concrete and creative. This description shows on our home page and is used for our emailed promotion of campaigns. Remember to spell out your congregation’s name – try not to use acronyms- and consider adding the city/state where you are located.

Project Video

You don’t have to post a video on your Faithify project, but we encourage you to. Video tells a story that picture and words can’t capture, personalizes your project, and conveys energy (assuming the video isn’t booooring!)

  • Upload your video to either you tube or vimeo and enter the full url address here.
  • The video plays in the featured image space on the campaign page.
  • Keep it short! 1 to 2 minutes maximum is great.

Project Long Description

Apart from the featured image or video, this is the part of your campaign that people pay most attention to on your campaign page! You have unlimited text to describe your project in detail. That said, a description between 300-700 words will be most effective.


Headings are more than settings for the font size and style of your information. Headings help sighted visitors to your campaign page skim quickly to find the information they want to learn about. For visitors who use screen readers and other assistive technologies, headings are essential for page navigation. Consider how you are using Headings in your Long Description.  Read more about headings and accessibility with this article on the Big Hack website. The Big Hack website also has other guides for more accessible online writing.

Tell the story of the project. You can include media directly into the text box once you’ve loaded them via the “add media” tool. Some questions potential funders might want to know include:

  • Why should I care about this effort? Who will benefit from this project and how? What specific outcomes will my support help make possible? What is your timeline? Who are the people involved and what are their qualifications? What will you use my money for? What other money do you need, what have you raised so far, and what will you do if you don’t raise the rest? How will you sustain the project? Who else in your community thinks this project is important? Who will you be working with and how will you honor your partnerships? How will you share what you learn?
  • Include links to your website, blog, or online information that has more detail about the project or your community.
  • Choose your words carefully. Titles and descriptions matter. Inspire your audience!

This section is also where you can describe the community groups with which your project will be in partnership (if any) and endorsements of your project.

  • Project Partners: If project partners include a Unitarian Universalist congregation(s), also identify the congregation(s). Actively recruiting and securing partners for your project will strengthen your likelihood of success and increase your network of tangible support.
  • Project Endorsements: This is your chance to brag and show off! Gather quotes from people in your community or wider network who are psyched and can testify about you and your project. Use video if you want! Seek out testimonials from trusted people who can “vouch” for the promise of your project.

Be sure to include your project’s Unitarian Universalism Connection in this section

This is the heart and soul of Faithify. Faithify’s vision is of a people with renewed faith and a Unitarian Universalism that is connected, relevant, and vibrant. Your projects are the key to this vision! Because covenant is the beating heart of Unitarian Universalism, we invite you to describe how your project is in mutual relationship with UU people, values, and communities. We expect that you will be able to share how your project is grounded in covenantal community. We are interested in how you and your project claim Unitarian Universalism and who claims you. How you interpret, exemplify, and honor this claim is entirely up to you.

How your project CLAIMS Unitarian Universalism
  • Projects claim Unitarian Universalism by, for example:
    • being invested in and explicitly drawing from Unitarian Universalist history and tradition
    • collaborating across age, sexuality, racial/ethnic, economic, and other divisions
    • reflecting Unitarian Universalist values
    • originating from Unitarian Universalist people, congregations, and communities
How your project is CLAIMED BY Unitarian Universalism
  • Projects are claimed by Unitarian Universalism by being in active and explicit covenant with the larger community of Unitarian Universalism in, beyond, or amongst congregations. For example:
    • originating in or being affiliated with a Unitarian Universalist congregation or community. Name it!
    • working in explicit and direct partnership with Unitarian Universalist leaders, congregations, or communities. Name them!
  • Note: When a proposal is submitted by an individual claiming a congregational connection, we contact the named congregation to verify the connection during our review process.

Project FAQ

Use this space to help answer questions like:

  • Is a donation to this project tax deductible?
  • Specifics about the project’s timeline or participants.
  • Other ways people can get involved with the project.

Project Image

Each project has one photo that serves as the featured image. This picture will be displayed on Faithify’s home page in the browse projects feature. Use a “landscape” orientation image (the horizontal edge is longer than the vertical edge)  with minimum dimensions of 720 x 540 px. Larger is fine, but it will display best if it’s a 4:3 ratio.

Read tips on how to make a featured image that fits well on your campaign page and our home page and how to make your images more accessible.

Entice more followers, sharers, and backers by using punchy, colorful, high-resolution photos.  Remember: You can add as many images as you like to your Long Description.

Save Draft or Submit for Review

Save Draft

You can save a draft of your campaign at any time before submission by clicking “SAVE DRAFT.” To access a previously saved draft, find the campaign on your user Dashboard in the “My Projects” tab on the right, hover over the draft, and click the “Edit” icon.

Submit for review

Only click here if you are ready to submit your campaign! Once you do, Faithify staff will have a look at your campaign to make sure it is complete and suitable for posting (free of inappropriate [profane, uncovenantal] remarks or egregious ignorance of community standards) before we publish it live on the site.

  • The review process usually takes about 12-48 hours. If all criteria are met, Faithify staff will contact you via email to confirm the GOAL, DURATION, and START DATE.
  • Please connect a Stripe account before submitting your campaign.
  • You can edit and update your long description after your campaign launches in the “My Projects” tab of your account Dashboard.
  • Campaigns that have been submitted and published by the Faithify staff are not able to be cancelled.


Now that you have created a campaign, learn about Activating Your Networks so your campaign will be a success!