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GOAL $2,000 For almost three years members of several congregations throughout Wisconsin have been meeting and forming a Wisconsin Unitarian Universalist State Action Network. The UU congregations throughout Wisconsin are engaged in noble efforts to advance social justice The Wisconsin Unitarian Universalist State Action Network envisions itself as a means for the congregations to share their efforts, coordinate efforts and enhance their efforts. To be effective it its goal the Wisconsin Unitarian Universalist State Action Network needs social media. The funds from this Faithify project will be used to pay the cost of designing and maintaining a website.
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The Wisconsin Unitarian Universalist State Action Network aims to build a statewide advocacy network employing the power of the collective voices of Unitarian Universalists in Wisconsin. We uphold the worth and dignity of every person while acting to further justice, equity, and compassion. Through a website and social media the Wisconsin Unitarian Universalist State Action Network hopes to provide portals for Wisconsin UU congregations to share what they are doing and see what other UU congregations are doing to advance justice, equity and compassion, through the website and social media to provide in depth information about the issue critical to the citizens of Wisconsin, and to provide a forum for individuals to express their actions and need for justice, equity and compassion.

One thought on “The Wisconsin Unitarian Universalist State Action Network

  1. Samuel Rosado


    Hi fellow UU, I am just commenting on something I saw on the news this morning regarding Wolf culling in Wisconsin. Over 200 wolves were killed this week. Is there an organization I can contact beside the senators to voice my concern on the killing of God’s creatures? Being an environmentalist and a Unitarian, this really disturbed me. I hope other Unitarian can join in the complains against this practice. I belong to the UU Church in Long Beach, California. Greetings and love from California. May you all stay safe.

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