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GOAL $1,400 We made our Faithify Funding Goal! It was recommended that we try a stretch goal and so we are extending it by $200 to buy more OWL manuals and books for families. We expanded this OWL ministry bringing together three UU congregations and a Waldorf School. The program grew beyond our expectations and we to hired two extra teachers and add extra admin hours to meet the needs of the families registered. Our budget is covered 70% of the program costs, we fundraised the gap. We know this ministry of love and respect ripples through peers and deep through the generations. This is the work of culture change. Thank you for helping us fulfill our financial commitments to our teachers.
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Our Whole Lives (OWL) is a curriculum for human sexuality, identity, gender, and relationships with self, family, friends, and significant others. The program focuses on Respect, Relationship, and Responsibility.

Unique in our OWL program this year is the participation of three UU congregations (UU Marin, UU Petaluma, and Berkeley Fellowship UU) and the Marin Waldorf School. A successful outreach campaign meant we had more students in a wider age-range register than one class could hold so we created two cohorts, thus needing a second teaching team.

We are ecstatic about having created space for more families to engage in OWL. We have active participation from thirteen families in this 10-session course. Most of the parents also attended a six-week OWL parent class deepening their own skills to communicate on these subjects with their children.

As can happen in growing programs, we did not have enough locally available certified teachers to meet the need. Hiring two teachers to commute in was necessary. This was not in our meager budget which usually has volunteer teachers. We need financial assistance to fill the gap in our budget. $25, $50, or $100 would help tremendously. It is OK if we “over fundraise” too.

We are just about to finish this two-cohort spring program for grades 4-7. This has been a tremendous opportunity for the Waldorf Community and the UU communities to come together and means that thirty-five more emissaries are being sent into the world, ready to share the good news of self-acceptance and respectful relationships.

Please make a contribution to support this outreach model.

This multi-community OWL program brought in 12 non-UU Marin families on 11 different Sundays. In addition to our Sunday morning programing, this increased our impact in the community by 28% with children and youth and by 42% when including parents as adult learners.

We are proud of the success in sharing the OWL resources outside of our UU circles. We intend to have deeper conversations with the Waldorf community about cooperation.

Two of the Marin Waldorf teachers are now signed up to be trained as OWL teachers.

The circle widens.

Thank you for your support in opening the circle.

Stretch Goals


OWL Books for Teachers and Families 1,600.00

We made our basic goal, Hooray! If you still want to donate and stretch to the goal we can use the extra donations to pay for OWL teaching texts and books for families.

We would also like to make a contribution to Faithify.org for supporting this venture. (They have not made a cent on this project. They rely on donations too.)

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    Thank you! To all you donors: Your gifts lift the chances of more Multi-community OWL programs.

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