Sometimes the Caregiver Needs Care

By Rev. Rod

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Some two years ago, I officiated the same-sex wedding of two men of color.  I was shocked to learn that only a couple months later, one suffered a stroke and was no longer able to financially support himself and his developmentally-delayed partner.  Their home was also condemned.

For some two years now, here in North Carolina, I have observed the compassion of a family who took the couple into their home, provided for their needs, took lunch-hours from work to run them to doctor and therapy appointments, advocated for the stroke victim when he could neither walk nor speak, and finally helped him get Social Security Disability and housing.  Theresa still drives them to the doctor and assists them financially.

A member of our Unitarian Universalist congregation’s Caring Team describes the compassion shown by Theresa and her family as strongly reflecting our congregation’s mission to embrace those who are marginalized and excluded by society:  gay, disabled, poor, people of color.

Now the caregiver mother of three little girls, has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer.  We feel that it is appropriate to offer Unitarian Universalists the opportunity to care for the caregiver, Theresa as she looks forward to surgery and treatment.

Please join me in assisting Theresa and her family as they have been so generous in helping others.

Blessings!     – Rev. Rod

Her own words:  “My name is Theresa, I am 37 years old, married with 3 amazing daughters ages 2 1/2, 8 and 10 and work full time for a local hospital. I have recently been diagnosed with multiple malignant nodules encompassing my thyroid and will need surgery and possible treatment going forward. I am concerned with being out of work when all of this starts happening because I do not have enough paid time off to cover the days off. My husband is a handyman and has been doing small side jobs to try and keep us ahead but I’m afraid that will not be enough to keep us from falling very far behind and my biggest fear is having to face (fight) eviction while fighting cancer. Keeping my kids happy, safe and fed is my biggest priority! Thank you for anything you are able to do, it is very much appreciated!”   – Theresa

Comments (7)

  1. Blanca Ruiz

    I just lost a friend who committed suicide after 40 years of taking care of his wife who had Parkinson because he found himself alone and unable to pay a nurse to take care of her while he worked.

  2. Theresa Frey-Rivera

    Thank you so much everyone for your generosity ! My surgery has been scheduled for August 9th, it has been extremely tough getting to this point because my immune system is very low and I have been getting sick frequently causing so much missed time from work ! I will continue to post updates as I can. My family and I are so very blessed to have all of your support it means more to us than words can describe !

  3. Rod Debs

    One funder had to close her credit card due to unauthorized charges. How can she contact Faithify to change the credit card listed with her pledge?

    1. Halcyon

      The funder can contact me directly at and I can make the changes. Thanks!

  4. Theresa

    I just want to say a huge Thank You to everyone that has donated to this campaign, it is extremely overwhelming and greatly appreciated! Surgery went well and I am healing well, I am fighting a consistent low grade fever that we are trying to find the source of. Unfortunately our rental management company has not been as understanding as we hoped for during this time and we are going to court this morning to defend ourselves during an eviction proceeding. We have been looking for a new home but have not had much luck, please continue to pray for us and know that I am forever grateful for each of you !

  5. Lynda E Lane

    My donation is not listed, $300.

    1. Halcyon

      Hello Lynda, I apologize that your donation is not showing yet. We are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Your generous donation is included in the successful campaign and your name has been given to the campaign owner. Thank you for your patience!

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