SMALL CONGREGATION – New Kitchen to Serve Others

By West Valley Unitarian Universalist Church

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Campaign ended on: December 21, 2017
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SMALL BUT VIBRANT CONGREGATION : Two years ago we were able to complete the construction of a new sanctuary, thanks to admirable efforts and contributions from our members. Our R.E. moved out of our kitchen/hospitality building and into our old Sanctuary space, and our congregation numbers are growing. Today our campaign goal is to remodel our kitchen to meet food preparation health standards so that we feel confident inviting others to share in food prepared in our facility. (Below is a photo of our existing kitchen.)

PROJECT DETAILSOur entire project will cost approximately $5800.00. Our Faithify campaign total is $4400 as a result of member committed sponsorship in the amount of $1400.00. These sponsorships are specifically designated to include a new dishwasher (presently we do not have a dishwasher), a portion to replace our very old existing refrigerator with a larger fridge, and we have offers of in-kind labor to decrease labor costs. Following is a list of expenses that this campaign will cover.

CUPBOARDS under existing counter-top 9.5′ long – $1000.00
CUPBOARDS & COUNTER 10′ long – $1200.00
WATER HEATER – $300.00
LABOR – $900.00


Please note the sketch below, items in red indicate the areas of improvement we will make in our kitchen.


1) Beginning in September, 2017, our Religious Education Class started a study of world religions and spiritual belief systems. This curriculum plan extends over at least two years, and the lessons include preparation of special food related to each group. Our R.E. plans to invite people from the various religions or groups to be our guests to share food and fellowship. We plan to continue the practice of inviting others to join us in our post service hospitality hour, even after the R.E. curriculum is finished.

2) Each Friday night, members of our Social Action Team go to the Greyhound Bus Depot to provide assistance for refugees who have been released from detention, and have paperwork that allows them to travel to family or sponsors across the nation. We answer questions, provide use of our cell phones and give them backpacks or canvas bags, hygiene items and food for travel. Sometimes their bus doesn’t leave for several days. We are working on the possibility of installing a shower and other necessities so that we can invite them to stay at our Church campus rather than waiting at the bus station for days before their bus departs. The upgraded kitchen will be an ideal setting to prepare and provide hot meals for those who accept this short term hospitality opportunity at West Valley U.U.

3) Since our new Sanctuary was finished, rental of campus facilities has increased and an upgraded kitchen would invite more rental options that include food preparation. Our new kitchen would also provide an improved facility for us to prepare food to sell at fundraising events like our February Flea Fair and our Holiday Fair. This increased revenue from fundraising events or rentals would have a positive impact on our Church’s efforts to continue to grow, and to extend Unitarian Universalist values within and outside of our congregation.

WITH THE SUCCESS OF THIS CAMPAIGN when it ends mid December, our carpenters are ready to begin work immediately so that our “new kitchen” will be dedicated the first week of the New Year!

West Valley UU has been exemplary in demonstrating true interfaith and fraternity in our community. They have been very supportive of our congregation through their fellowship and continue to offer their support and advice as we establish our own house of worship in the community. They are a role model for any congregation and they deserve the full support of our good community.

-Islamic Center of Peoria

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  1. ONNA

    We are nearing the 1/3 of the way to December 15th. Share this campaign with your friends and family and encourage them to join our campaign!

  2. Halcyon@faithify

    This campaign has been extended to make up for the days our site was unavailable. The new end date is December 21st at 11 pm Eastern

  3. Halcyon@faithify

    This campaign goal threshold was adjusted so that all pledges will be processed on Dec. 22nd. This was done in recognition of website interruption Nov. 15-19.

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