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Posted on June 17, 2021
Category: Accessibility
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GOAL $600 We would like to raise and contribute the full amount for each of us to participate in the online General Assembly. Extra fees are needed to upgrade our internet.This is a General Assembly Costs campaign and all gifts will be immediately processed.
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This is a General Assembly Costs campaign and all gifts will be immediately processed.

We have been attending the UU Church of Columbia via zoom during the pandemic and also the Church of the Larger Fellowship. This is really different for us and changes our faith perception in many ways. After 14 years in Myrtle Beach with a very small congregation we are searching.

Wendy has been a GA delegate and volunteer in previous years, but neither will work for her aspirations or identity in this current year. Still we made it to GA through an anonymous donor and WE ARE GRATEFUL! THANK YOU. Our wi-fi in West Virginia continues to be an issue.

Wendy spends a lot of time supporting causes in the community that would better the experience of our black, brown, and LGBTQ+ friends and neighbors. Living in the south has it’s challenges. She created a video to promote our faith that has been on YouTube for a long time. There are so many interviews and out takes from that project that could make a longer production but time and money have prevented this, maybe one day.

Crowd funding is not easy to understand. Life moves so fast sometimes. The video is linked in the media section. And here: Diverse Natures

Connectivity and Community – we hope to deepen these important values with your contribution to our ask. Thanks Again.

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