Send a Committed Chorister to the UUMN Conference!

By Aisha Cruse

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Campaign ends on: April 03, 2018
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Aisha Cruse stands at a pulpit in a green shirt and pink scarf. Rev. Otto O'Connor is seated behind them.

My name is Aisha Cruse, and I am the current chair of the Worship Committee at the First Parish in Malden Universalist Church and a dedicated Chorister. Our current Music Director is also my good friend, and since they attended the conference last year, they have insisted that I (and our growing choir) would greatly benefit from going with them this year. Unfortunately, cross-country travel can be cost prohibitive, and I can’t make the trip without support.

Here’s the breakdown of what $1,000 covers:

  1. conference registration fees: $375
  2. round trip flights: $400
  3. accommodations for 5 nights: $225

I’m excited for this opportunity to expand my horizons, connect with other UU musicians and congregations, and bring more knowledge and new energy back to my own church and choir.

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  1. David B. Collins

    I have received funds from my church in the past to attend UUMN Conferences, for which I have been grateful. That source of funding dried up, and my youth music program lost its momentum, so I no longer go regularly. But I’m happy to pay some of that assistance forward, because I can, and because Conference is a life-changing experience.

    The estimate for accommodations is rather striking. For a few of the Conferences that I’ve attended, I have stayed in hostels rather than the official Conference hotel; then UUMN announced that it discouraged that practice because it needs a certain number of attendees to book rooms at the hotel in order to get the group discount. $225 per night (for double occupancy) is closer to the usual, even with that discount.

    I hope that, in addition to making music with your comrades, you will have time to explore PDX.

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