Rev. Jeff Jones Celebration of Ministry

By Emerson

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Campaign ended on: June 10, 2017
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The Rev. Jeff Jones and his wife, Carol Buffum, will be leaving parish ministry at the end of May to begin a new chapter in their lives .  In their 7 years with us, Emerson has experienced amazing membership growth, addressed critical space needs by relocating to a beautiful new facility, and created new pastoral and governance vehicles to ensure the congregation’s continued health, growth and success.  Jeff and Carol’s most enduring legacy will be derived from the work they have done around conflict resolution, peacemaking, compassionate communication and compassionate living.  This work  extended beyond Emerson’s walls to include an Ecumenical group of which Jeff was an active and  valued member.


Several activities are planned for the last three weeks of May including two receptions, a memory quilt, and the initial stage of a Zen/Peace Butterfly Garden to commemorate Jeff (and Carol’s) contribution to promoting peaceful living.  As we were unaware in July of last year that Jeff would be leaving us, these celebration activities were not budgeted for in the 2016-17 fiscal year. 


This campaign is your opportunity as a congregant, friend, family member or colleague to recognize and to thank them through the creation of a space to honor their work and where visual reminders of their example  will continue to inspire us all to seek peace. 

The monies raised will go to pay for food for the receptions, materials for the quilt, and plants and other items for the garden.  

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