Puerto Rico, With Love: South East MA Sends Aid

By First Parish Church in Taunton

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Campaign ended on: December 08, 2017
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We here at First Parish in Taunton, have partnered with Iglesia de Cristo Misionera Inc. to collect items that are needed in their denominations churches throughout Puerto Rico. During conversations with church leadership on the ground it was discovered that there are pirates that have been intercepting the containers being sent over and are selling the goods in them at an extreme price.

Our faith teaches us that every person is important and worthy of love. It is so integral to who we are that we made it our First Principle. The people of Puerto Rico are in need and we have a way to help. By partnering with Iglesia de Cristo Misionera Inc. here in Taunton, we were given access to a network of churches in Puerto Rico that we are in contact with daily.

The items that we have collected are what the churches have requested that we send. They have a system in place that allows the goods that we send to get directly to them, circumventing the piracy problem. We have been working on this since shortly after Maria hit, this is the final step.

We have collected nearly enough to fill a container on a ship, though are saving room for a few more requested necessities, specifically rice and coffee.  We have contacted a wide variety of aid companies, including several political officials, to see if they could transport these goods to Puerto Rico.  The answer has been a clear no from every direction.  We feel the need to get these supplies to the churches that we have relationships with, who have committed to us that they will meet the ship when it docks and distribute all of the goods, free of charge, to the people in their communities who are in such desperate need.  The members of Iglesia De Cristo have raised $1,300 so far for these communities, but we need $4000 to pay for a container on a ship.  Can you help us reach our goal and get food and water to the people in need in Puerto Rico?

By supporting this campaign you will

  • Allow us to pay for shipping of the requested items that we have gathered.
  • Send aid directly to the network of Misionera churches that we have had contact with.
  • Put simple needs like water, rice and toiletries in the hands of the people who need it most.

Please join us in helping to make the people of Puerto Rico feel human and loved again.

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  1. Halcyon@faithify

    This campaign’s goal was adjusted because of website maintenance issues that kept the campaign offline for a few days. All pledges will be processed for this campaign on December 9th.

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