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Help found Owensboro’s Interfaith Center! People and programs are ready, we just need a safe, dry space.
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We understand ourselves as Faithfully Interfaith. We are a full service Unitarian Universalist ministry in Western Kentucky (MidAmerica Region) with an interfaith mission and 10 years of deliberate work building partnerships with our Muslim, Humanist, Jewish, Baha’i, Christian, Jain, Hindu, and Buddhist neighbors. A year of prayerful discernment and congregational consultation made it clear that Owensboro KY needs an Interfaith Center to focus on nothing but interfaith work. We wondered if we should change our identity? So we considered it very carefully and the answer was clearly, “No.” We decided we can contribute though: We can offer space.

We own our building at a great location in the heart of Owensboro. Our interfaith partners know it as a safe and hospitable space. Our identity as a Welcoming Congregation applies to everything on the premises. So we have decided to convert the basement into the first home of Owensboro’s Interfaith Center. The Center will be established as a separate legal entity with a UU-Partner Board and housed here. We are working with the Ministerial Association on programming plans. There’s just one problem…Slowly but surely the basement has been slipping away due to leakage and due to increased storms, it became unusable in the past year. A forensic architect has advised us on how to fix the problem permanently. The project costs $15,000-17,000 and must be done before renovation. We must wait 6 months between waterproofing and renovation.

Unfortunately our bank considers the waterproofing a separate project because of the delay between phases of contractor work. We’d rather not have two separate loans so we have established a separate Capital fund for waterproofing and have raised $4990 thus far. Yeah! Only $12,010 to go!

Then this cool thing happened! We received a pledge for a matching gift of $5000 if we can raise the balance by 1 July. As it goes, we are great at making scheduled payments, but not so strong on quick fundraising. There are only 27 of us but the energy is good. We are setting up restaurant fundraisers, yard sales and service sales and… think that we can get $2,000 of it. The minister is good for $10 so just $5,000 more to match the pledge! If we get this done now, we can finance renovation (@$60K) next winter and the Interfaith Center can open by Annual Meeting 2019.

Falun Dafa

With Our Muslim Partners

With Our Jain Partners

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