Ordination of Suzanne Fast

By Unitarian Universalist Church of Fort Myers

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On April 2, 2017, at 4:00 p.m., Suzanne Fast will be ordained as a minister by the Unitarian Universalist Church of Fort Myers. Suzanne is a beloved member of our congregation and we are delighted to be celebrating this joyous occasion!

Your donation will help provide food, flowers, music, and more. We will receive donations of any amount with great rejoicing!

The Crafting of a Minister

An old quilt is made of many fabrics from various sources and put together by the loving hands of a host of people. Some of the pieces are small, some are larger; color and intensity varies. As the pieces are stitched together, these many parts become something new, different and beautiful.

The crafting of a minister is similar to the making of a quilt. Suzanne was born into Unitarian Universalism and the first pieces of her ministry quilt were the emphasis on meaning-making in childhood religious education, and the passion for justice and service sparked in her teens. In her twenties, she added an abiding interest in religious metaphor and people’s spiritual journeys. New structural elements were introduced when she began what has been a long process of formal preparation for the Unitarian Universalist ministry.

Some of the many pieces of the ministry quilt Suzanne has stitched together include: working toward inclusion of people with disabilities in EqUUal Access and its joint program, Accessibility and Inclusion Ministry (AIM); working with congregations and search committees in the Beyond Categorical Thinking program; education and advocacy about how we marginalize others and how we can change that; speaking at General Assembly and preaching in all five regions of the Unitarian Universalist Association; maintaining a liberal religious witness at Florida Gulf Coast University with Eagle Unitarian Universalists; leading Our Whole Lives (OWL) classes for youth and many adult programs for Unitarian Universalists; and guiding others as a Spiritual Companion.

The hands that have helped put Suzanne’s quilt together are teachers, advisers, ministers, family and friends, colleagues and congregants along the way that guided and encouraged her in the journey to ministry.

Now Suzanne will begin piecing together a new community ministry quilt. She likes to say that justice work done mindfully grows the soul and Suzanne’s ministry is encouraging people on a spiritual journey toward wholeness and building connections between our inward journeys, our daily lives and our shared work for a just society.

Comments (4)

  1. Sean P Dennison

    I feel so joyful that you will be ordained, Suzanne. You have been such a support to me and I have learned so much from you. You will be an amazing minister (already are.)

  2. Carolina

    With deepest gratitude for your ministry over the years.
    We’ll be with you in Spirit on that joyous day! Congratulations!!!

  3. Michelle

    So much love and joy for you, Suzanne! Totally wish I could be there in body and will settle for a very large spirit!

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