October 2017 Faith and Climate Conference

By Lynn

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Climate change is not only an environmental and social justice crisis but it is also a faith crisis.  As people of Faith, Faith Action Climate Team is an interdenominational group of Christians, Buddhist, Jews, Muslims, Unitarians, etc. who have come together to fight climate change from a spiritual basis.   Started in 2016 the group held a successful and well attended conference in Oct. 2016.

We will be holding our Second Annual Conference on Sat. Oct 28th from 9 am to 5pm at Mt. Zion Baptist Church, 1634 19th Ave.   Our Theme this year is Love at the Crossroads: Climate and Social Justice.   Through 21 different workshops we will be looking at the intersection between climate and a variety of social justice issues (examples: agriculture, immigration, trees, health care, racism, oceans, transportation, housing, etc.)   In each workshop we will look at both how that issue effects climate, as well as how climate effects that particular issue and what the solutions are.  We will kick off with an interfaith panel  with a Native, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim and Jewish speaker each addressing how their faith sees this cross roads of climate and social justice.  We hope to have an inspiring keynote speaker as well to address the question of how to live faithfully in such times.  Our conference will end with a brief ceremony integrating our work of the day.  As was true last year we are trying to keep the entrance fee extremely low as to make it accessible to everyone.  Part of how we can do this is by having sponsoring donors.

Comments (7)

  1. Bob

    Where is this event taking place? You give street address but not city and state. Thanks.

    1. Anne

      Seattle, WA

    2. Ron Sherman-Peterson

      The conference is taking place in Seattle, WA

  2. Anne

    This event will be in Seattle, Washington. The conference that this group had last year was really beautiful. There were incredible workshops; Jay O’Hara was amazing; the organic food that volunteers prepared and served was wonderful. It was a really special event and most importantly, it provided a way for people of many faiths to come together to learn about ways to take climate action. Please support!

  3. Gary

    Last year’s event was inspiring. Seeing people of faith and service come together in recognition of this existential threat to all humanity and life is so gratifying. The organizers and organizations are to be applauded. Thank-you.

    1. Gary

      Hi Bob et al, The event will be in Seattle. Hope to see you there.

  4. Betsy Darr

    I love that this is an interfaith event.

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