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STRETCH GOAL ADDED: $5,000 "Open Doors" is an album of original songs you will want to listen to over and over again. Catchy, beautiful, fun music speaks to non-UUs and UUs alike, creating a new avenue to connect to our faith and congregations.
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STRETCH GOAL ADDED: $5,000  see details below

“Open Doors” is a full-length album of original songs that will share Unitarian Universalism with music-lovers, social activists and progressive faith congregations.

Emily Joy spent a year meditating on our Principles (7 of them, going on 8!) and creating a song exploring each one as it lives in the world.  The music has been shared at several UU churches, and house concerts on the East Coast.

The songs are engaging and inspiring both inside and outside the UU context.  The album can be interpreted as music for social and environmental justice and/ or as music celebrating and illuminating the UU Faith, due to the unique focus of our Principles. Through sharing this new music, we will also be sharing Unitarian Universalism, creating a new avenue to connect with our congregations.

Emily has been a versatile professional musician for over two decades- this recording will be her second full-length album. Her first, “Front Porch” is available on iTunes, Amazon and Youtube. Your donation will go to paying for mixing “Open Doors” and fairly compensating the professional musicians involved for their work.

Music is the glue that holds us together, inside and out.  It builds community. It makes us stronger.

Thanks for making this happen!

Stretch Goals


Lots of New Music! 5,000.00

What will the additional funds allow me to do? The additional funds will allow me to:

-Add a second day to the recording schedule, giving us more than 1 or 2 takes on each song to get it right.
-Pay the musicians fairly
-Mix and master the second day of recording
-Create album art

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