Make Sanctuary Possible in   Boulder

By UU Church of Boulder

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81% Funded of $7,500
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Campaign ends on: February 17, 2018
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You can help make Sanctuary possible in Boulder, Colorado.

Before the Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder voted to offer Sanctuary to immigrants facing deportation, we communicated in good faith and with substantial notice to our largest tenant. The week after the vote, the tenant elected to terminate the lease, walking away with 10% of the church’s budget.

UUs in Boulder know that courageous love means taking risks, so we rose to the occasion, and decided to go ahead anyway.

Our sanctuary guest, Ingrid Encalada Latorre, arrived on December 16, 2017.

To continue to make Sanctuary possible in Boulder, we need your partnership.

In just a few weeks, church members have raised $20,000. Three Colorado UU churches have stepped up: Jefferson Unitarian Church raised $6,300; Foothills Unitarian has pledged $3,000; Boulder Valley UU Fellowship has committed to a collection in February.  

We need your help to raise an additional $7500 to close the budget gap for this fiscal year.

Your tax deductible donations of any amount will continue to make Sanctuary possible in Boulder.

Why Sanctuary?

A Sanctuary Congregation provides safe space to those who are victims of unjust laws. It keeps families from being separated by deportation, and it offers a platform for the immigrant community and their allies to make a public declaration about how U.S. immigration policies must change.

As a religious institution, UU Church of Boulder is offering Sanctuary as a religious practice done within the confines of Federal “Sensitive Locations” Policy. It is a key part of our religious exercise as Unitarian Universalists. When it is offered, there is no intent to hide a person’s whereabouts from federal authorities or to transport the person. We are open and honest with the authorities regarding our activities, intentions and the fact that we feel we are performing our religious duty. For these reasons, it is a legal act that offers courageous love to a vulnerable population in our country.

The good news is that Congress can fix this problem. Sanctuary is a public statement that encourages them to do so.

Quotes/ endorsements

“UU Church of Boulder has acted with courage to become a Sanctuary church. I hope the larger community will support them financially to make Sanctuary possible now and in the future. Immigrants in the Colorado community need it.”  Jennifer Piper, Interfaith Organizer, American Friends Service Committee.

“Rev. Kelly Dignan and the folks at UUCB are a life-line for many in our LGBTQ community. When we need a community partner on any social justice issue the first organization that we reach out to is UUCB. Their commitment to serving all is unmatched and they deserve all of our support as they address the financial impact created by once again doing the right thing.” Mardi Moore, Executive Director, Out Boulder County

“During these difficult times when our UU values are being assailed by draconian immigration policies, I’m so proud the UU Church of Boulder has decided there can be no price tag on courageous love. Join me in supporting our sibling congregation as they live out our calling to be a sanctuary of hope for all people.” Rev. Dr. Jonipher Kwong – Congregational Life Staff, Pacific Western Region, UUA

“Foothills Unitarian Church is proud to be UU Church of Boulder’s partner in Sanctuary, and we pledge $3,000 to this effort. I invite all other UU congregations to make a donation now.”   Rev. Gretchen Haley, Senior Minister, Foothills Unitarian Church, Fort Collins, CO

“Our covenantal faith invites all of us to add to the sum of love and justice in this world. Jefferson Unitarian Church is honored to support UUCB as it offers sanctuary to one left out by policies that ignore our shared responsibility to care for our human family. Courageous love transcends borders.” Rev. Wendy Williams, Senior Minister, Jefferson Unitarian Church

How will the money be used?

This campaign is to close the budget gap for this fiscal year which ends on June 30, 2018. It will not cover any ongoing operational needs. We hope to have a new tenant no later than July 1, 2018.

I have questions or want to get involved, where should I go?

Visit our website or email our Sanctuary Now Ministry Team:

Please donate money now to raise another $7,500.

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