Hopi Elders – Connect, Grow, Serve

By Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington Virginia

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This service trip allows our youth to build real relationships with the Hopi people. Our church leaders have worked with our community partner, Sumi Nungwa, for over 10 years. We have lasting relationships there that we continue to cultivate with our service trip to the Hopi Reservation in Northeastern Arizona every two years. The villages of the Hopi Nation include some of the oldest pueblo dwellings in the United States. Working with the Hopi people allows our youth to experience first-hand what it looks like for people to truly be stewards of the Earth.

Sumi Nungwa’s mission is to provide food, clothing, medical supplies, & firewood to Navajo & Hopi elders seeking to maintain their traditional life-styles on their reservations. Youth will deliver food and medical supplies to the Hopi Elders, and help them repair and maintain their homes.

This year we are expanding our connections to the Hopi Nation by working with an additional community partner, the Hopi Tutskwa Permaculture Institute. The Permaculture Institute is focused on sustainability in building and farming practices. Through working with this community partner, youth will have the opportunity to learn sustainable building practices, maintain a local orchard, and help maintain trails.

Your generous donation provides us the money for food and medical supplies for the Hopi Elders to maintain their traditional lifestyles on their reservations through our community partner Sumi Nungwa. In addition, your donation will help us to cover the cost of building supplies to improve and maintain the traditional dwellings of the Hopi Elders through the Hopi Tutskwa Permaculture Institute.

This trip changes the lives of our youth; the most important aspect of the trip will be in the rich and meaningful relationships we forge with the Hopi people. It is our intention to maintain and grow these relationships long after our trip is over.

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