Help Tony get to the 2017 UUA General Assembly!

By Tony

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Hello friends!

As a hopeful future music minister and current member of First Parish Unitarian Universalist of Bridgewater, MA, I would like to go to the 2017 UUA general assembly in New Orleans to connect, build my network, and collaborate on ideas.

I have been a member of First Parish Bridgewater for just over a year, but have been attending for about three years. I have been the assistant accompanist and all-around musician since September of 2015, and always am excited to find new ways to express my ideas and beliefs through music and community.

I would like to go to the UUA general assembly so I can formulate a plan to use my skills to better the Unitarian Universalist community. However, as a young post-grad, this will not be an easy feat all on my own. So I am asking for your donation so I can go to general assembly and build upon my future and bring home a new understanding of what I can do for my congregation and the world.

Thank you for your generosity. Every donation is greatly appreciated, and will be met with a personal gift & thank you after the GA, as noted below…

$5-$10: Thank you “card”

$11-$24: Personalized thank you “card”

$25-$39: Short one-song thank you video & personalized thank you “card”

$40-$49: Free copy of new EP “Songs of the Sweeping Man,” short one-song thank you video, & personalized thank you “card”

$50-$74: Personalized two-song video just for you, plus all other rewards

$75-$99: Mention in “Songs of the Sweeping Man” liner notes, Personalized three-song video just for you, plus all other rewards

$100+: Home-baked cookies whenever you want them for the next 6 months, personalized 5-song video just for you, plus all other rewards

Comments (2)

  1. Susan Holton

    Tony you are so generous with your time and talents. We had FirstParish are so lucky that you decided to call us home.

  2. Alexander

    Tony you are certainly one of the, best people I know and I mean it.

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