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Olympia Brown UU Church in Racine, WI needs your help to replace our roof. It was supposed to last several years more, but unexpectedly started leaking and is threatening to damage interior walls and our historic organ.
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Project Description

The roof on our church building began leaking earlier this year and has already begun to damage our sanctuary’s plaster walls.  Unless we replace our roof, we risk more serious – and costly — damage, not only to the walls but to our historic organ.  The project includes shingle replacement, fascia repair and gutter replacement.  The total estimated cost is $38,000.

Olympia Brown served as minister of our church from 1878-1887.  Our church building is in Racine’s Historic Sixth Street Business District and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1988.  The church serves as a center of social justice activism both for our congregation and for many other like-minded people in our community.  The building is not just a physical home for our spiritual community engaging in this important work, it is a symbol to the wider community of the faith that we live, inside and outside our 123-year-old structure.    Replacing our roof is necessary to enable us to continue the important work we do unimpeded by worries about its future.

Our congregation is in a time of transition after enjoying 43 years with the same minister. Improving our long-term financial planning and operation are among the important tasks we are undertaking during this interim period. Ensuring that we have a sound and solid building is part of that agenda.

Last year we had a major repair project on our congregation’s annex building that exhausted our Building & Grounds Maintenance fund as well as drawing down our operating reserve.   That reserve will be the main source of funds for the roof repair.  We ask for your help through Faithify to defray the costs of our roof repair and to supplement our remaining operating reserve to pay for the project.

5 thoughts on “Help Save Our Historic Sacred Space From Stormy Weather

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    What I didn’t realize until today is that if we don’t meet our $10,000 goal, we won’t receive any of the money people have pledged.

    1. Halcyon@Faithify


      Hi Kim-
      Yes, projects (other than Disaster Relief) are “All-or-Nothing” funding on faithify.org. Research shows that this type of goal is highly motivating and less risky for the success of projects. SO share the link to this page with your friends – thanks!

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