Help Open Hearts and Doors in West Virginia

By Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Charleston, WV

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Campaign ended on: July 02, 2017
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The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Charleston, WV is West Virginia’s largest and only minister-led congregation. For many years we have been a beacon of progressive religion and an incubator of activism in the capital of a red state. Since the election, we have been experiencing a spike in attendance during Sunday worship and throughout the week, which has made our already problematic entry spaces an even bigger problem.

People are coming for spirit and community and have been getting these – but our physical capacity has been preventing some of the folks who try to get here from getting inside. Whether an inability to find parking, get up our ramp, or open our doors – our physical space has prevented people from entering into the sanctuary they are seeking. Help get more folks into our congregation in a time when our state is in need of space for community, healing and inspiration.

Help us to:

  • Purchase new entrance doors, as the current doors are difficult for many to open and close
  • Fix entry ramp, as it has developed a large drop from ramp to lot, making it very difficult to get onto
  • Repave parking lot, which is quite hole-y and therefore dangerous for people and their cars
  • Repaint parking lot, as our lines are quite faded, preventing us from maximizing the cars that can park
  • Order parking lot signage, to clearly mark handicapped spots and entry and exit ways

The too-steep incline of our entryway

hole-y parking lot with far too faded lines!

Members document their difficult journey into the congregation on a Sunday morning for services.

Comments (2)

  1. Kathryn F Jewell

    Help!! How do we become the poster children for access? We need picture tomorrow of Matt and Kathy getting out of car next to pothole, getting up ramp, and struggling through the Vine St doors. Am willing to post the following, with your edits.
    In early April, I had my right leg amputated at mid thigh. I now scoot around in a wheelchair attempting to resume my satisfying life. This includes many activities at UUC. I plan to be artificial leg proficient in a year or so, yet will still use a wheelchair occasionally. I want UUC to be as accessible as possible as it is important – No CRITICAL to me and several others. I am making a generous contribution and ask you to do the same. Kathy Jewell

    1. Hi Kathy! Thank you for voicing how important it is for you and others at UUC for these renovations to happen – and your help in making sure they happen. We’ll try and add those pictures to this profile if we can, as they’ll probably help our friends from across the country get a better understanding of the issues here! Thank you, Kathy <3 -Kayla, Paul and Sarah (UUC Staff)

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