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Posted on October 15, 2018
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We are launching a new weekly email column from our minister to the parents in our UU Catskills congregation, with practical ideas and support to help them bring Unitarian Universalism home to their kids and families. Help us help our families develop stronger connections to our faith!
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Parents are the primary religious educators of their children. We know this because of research, because of the amount of time that parents spend with their kids compared to the amount of time that families are present physically in our congregations, and because even parents themselves acknowledge this in surveys. But what a daunting prospect! Our families are busy and overwhelmed, and adding the job of teaching kids about Unitarian Universalism, especially for parents who are relatively new UUs themselves can feel like just one step too much. So, we want to help!

Our congregation is launching a weekly email column from our minister for our families called UU At Home. Aimed at parents, this column will include ideas about family rituals, ways to approach major holidays with a UU perspective, ways for families to reflect on the UU Principles in their home, the story of the month from our Religious Education program to help families engage it in a deeper way, and other resources for parents to use at home. The column will be short enough to not overwhelm, full of practical ideas, and grounded in the lived experience of UU children and parents.

The money we raise from this campaign will help to pay for the staff time to develop the column, as well as any materials we want to purchase for distribution through the column. Thank you so much for your support!

One thought on “Help Launch UU At Home

  1. David P Cauffman


    What amount are you needing to raise? What are the special credentials of the minister for this work? Will it be shared with other congregations if successful and useful? Why is the congregation unable and unwilling to fund this itself? How large is it? How many children?

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