Help Keep Wind Damage  from Slowing Progress

By Ryan

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Lyons is just west of Greater Toledo, which is steadily stretching out closer and closer to Lyons, and just south of Adrian, Michigan.  Our new “G.O.D.” (Growth, Outreach, and Deeds) team has been a big part of the revival with partnerships with local organizations and more intentional efforts toward community outreach and service.  We are making a quite a few changes to how our Sunday service looks with changes to worship and music.  This revival also has a lot to do with the dedication to our church and community by our minister Rev. Larry Hutchison.  We could only afford to bring him on as a part-time consulting minister, yet he does so much more on a volunteer basis.
Then, all of a sudden, our focus again shifted back to financial struggles and the basic operation of our church.  Not long after a wind storm, with gusts reported near 60 miles per hour, hit the aging and worn sanctuary roof, heavy rains led up to a large ominous wet spot with ceiling tiles stained and loosened. To keep our 149 year old church home from sustaining any more damage we have to scramble to raise the money to get the work underway as quickly as possible.  The winning bid for the replacement of the main part of the roof, just over the sanctuary, is $13,500.00.  The insurance company has pledged around $6000.00 to cover only what was damaged by wind, not the entire section of aging and compromised roofing.  We are asking Faithify for $5000.00, which leaves $2500.00 left for us to cover with an unplanned and hurried capital campaign and from our modest financial safety net.  Failure, however, is not an option.  Failing to secure a roof on our beautiful yet fragile church home could result in not only ending this amazing revival but the closure of our church.  After surviving the Great Depression, World Wars, a lightning strike, and a beam falling through the sanctuary ceiling, it would unthinkable that a worn roof would be the end.

With your generous gift, you are helping us to focus our time, energy, and money back on some important efforts.  In the last year alone, we…:

  • Started a “little free library” in our modest village that no longer has a public library.
  • Have marked out an area for our new community garden.
  • Sponsored 3 “Christmas families,” with a house full of gifts and household necessities, when we would only have taken on one in prior years.
  • Partnered with Sunnyside Peace and Justice Center in Adrian, Michigan to host a night of “Poetry, Tacos, and Music”.
  • Sent durable church-made dresses to Malawi so that girls there can meet the sole requirement for enrolling in school, having a dress.
  • Brought in quite a few guest speakers to bring insights about topics as diverse as solidarity with standing rock, NAACP, living as a Muslim-American, and overcoming addiction, to name a few.
  • Handed out treats at the village’s Trick-or-treat night, which facilitated a lot of community questions about Unitarian Universalism, including one child, to the dismay of his parents, asking, “What kind of church passes out candy at Halloween?”
  • Passed out free food and refreshments during the 120 mile yard sale on route 120.
  • Entered a lit float into the village Christmas parade.
  • Hosted movie nights. Some had a deep or intense message, others were just fun and for all ages.
  • Continued to do our adopt-a-highway portion of route 120.
  • Lots more…

Comments (4)

  1. sybil diccion

    I’d like to give $35, Ryan. I can drop it off at Diane and Burdette’s house.

    1. Ryan Post author

      That would be great. Thanks so much.

  2. Emmy Lou

    You are a shining beacon in the UU world and in mine.

    1. Ryan Post author

      Is this Emmy Lou that was an intern minister at First Universalist?

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