Goddess Pilgrimage to Crete

By Sophia

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During my second year of seminary in the fall of 2017 I met an incredible woman.  She recently had experienced a spiritually rearranging pilgrimage on the island of Crete, “home of the Goddess,” as she described. It was during her two week pilgrimage, led by feminist theologian Dr. Carol Christ, that this student was captivated by the idea of a historical society of peace that was rooted in the Divine feminine. Listening to this student I was, clearly, captivated too.

I have increasingly become interested in challenging myself where images of Father God are concerned. This has not been an exercise in wholesale condemnation of the male gendered God or its associated faith traditions and texts, but rather a curiosity around why I feel drawn toward the maleness of God, over the potential femaleness of Goddess. Seminary has become a perfect laboratory for this kind of of rumination and there have been so many classes that have offered safe space to do this deep, and often painful, work. This pilgrimage is an opportunity to really get my hands and heart on and around a time, place and theology that lived into the Feminine as the centering source of community, identity and worship, rather than our modern-day Male center. As a 42-year-old woman who is seeking to expand my own spirituality and feminist identity as a vital component of my ministry, this intense immersion in Crete with a sisterhood of women seekers under the guidance of Dr. Christ, seems to be a compulsory component.

Please take the two minutes to watch this video:

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  1. Lisa

    So proud of you, my friend. You’re doing incredible work with such positive impact on our world. Thank you!

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