Funding Resilience at UU  Community Coops

By Unitarian Universalist Community Cooperatives

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Campaign ended on: November 29, 2017
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We know that we live in a time of intense wealth disparities and environmental crisis. One of the founding ideas behind Unitarian Universalist Communities Cooperatives was that we could live a different way- that housing could be a means of shelter and not profit, that we could choose cooperation over competition, that we could live our values better in community than we can on our own.

Will you support us in growing spiritually grounded and joyous intentional community that is accessible to people with low incomes?

As an affordable housing community, we know it is crucial that our costs remain low and that we support our low-income community members when unexpected life events happen. In service of our long-term financial sustainability and affordability, we are installing solar panels! And, to ensure that short-term problems do not endanger members’ access to housing in our community, we are seeding an emergency fund to help cover emergency costs.

Your support will help hire a local worker-owned co-op, Great Sky Solar, to install 47 panels. Over twenty years, these panels will provide $100,000 in cost savings, and save countless pounds of carbon pollution. The cost savings will be split between residents – drastically reducing monthly electric bills – and the organization, allowing us to further our mission of providing affordable housing and intentional spiritual community.

We know that many organizing meetings, heartfelt conversations, and sharing of songs and meals will be powered by these solar panels.

In line with our commitment to social change and economic justice, some of the funds raised will go towards an emergency fund for housemates dealing with financial hardship. While the solar panels help reduce monthly payments for the long term, we are committed to also meeting our housemates’ short term and emergency needs so that unexpected events don’t result in loss of housing.  

We need your support to live in to our values at this critical moment in our organization’s growth. By supporting this project, you will be investing in the long term viability of intentional faith-based communities, and in the just transition to an economy free from fossil fuels.

Thanks to a generous contribution from two donors, all contribution up to $10,000 will be doubled!

Your contribution of:

  • $25 becomes $50!
  • $100 becomes $200!
  • $500 becomes $1000!

Quick Facts:

  • Total Cost of Panels: $47,000
  • Financial Benefit over 20 years: approximately $100,000!
  • The panels will be installed by a worker-owned co-op, Great Sky Solar.
  • UUCC provides 26 rooms of permanently affordable housing for individuals and families.
  • Our communities are grounded in the values and tradition of Unitarian Universalism.
  • UUCC’s core values are spiritual practice, sustainability, and social change.

Thank you for funding our resilience: as an organization, as a community, and as a movement. We cannot do it without you, our wider community, and for that we are so grateful! 

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  1. Halcyon@faithify

    This campaign has been extended and goal adjusted to make up for the days our site was unavailable. The new end date is November 29th at 11pm Eastern time.

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