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GOAL $1,200 To help Marie Cobbs, as a representative of the First Unitarian Chicago Women's Ministry Group with needed funding.
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As one of the few women of color in the UUA as a whole and as a part of the lay-lead multicultural women’s group at First Unitarian Chicago, my attendance to this vital Assembly will enable me to share with the broader UU Women’s groups some of the insights which we have obtained in the short time of our women group existence.  At the same time I will be attending workshops and other presentations connected to the UU Women’s group in order to understand better how we grow our own First U Women’s group and connect with the larger movement.

I believe that a description of our emerging Mission and Vision statement will give you a picture of our efforts.  The Women’s Group of the First Unitarian Society of Chicago open to all identifying as women who are members and friends of the Society, is intentionally multiracial and inter-generational.  It affirms and promotes closer relationships among its members and service to the congregation and the wider church community.  I was one of the founders of this group, inspired by my earlier attendance to other GA’s where I saw women of all colors engaged in both leadership and fellowship.  I also attended the Black Convening Conference and met ma y black women in multiracial congregations.  We have a First Men’s Group and so I felt it time for a First Women’s Group.  We had at our first meeting 20 to show up.  It was quite exciting.  Now I hope to see how this group can become a part of our small group ministry here at First Unitarian.

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