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Posted on April 19, 2018
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Crowdfunding has fundamentally changed how we fund-raise. In being able to mobilize resources from everyday people, and rely on thousands of smaller donors rather than the institutional backing from governments, foundations, or even select donors with big pockets, now anyone can raise thousands of dollars with just the click of a button.

Changes in technology, culture, and newer generational mindsets are offering us new possibilities. Crowdfunding offers not only a new way of raising funds but a new way of thinking about how to get things done and where to focus our limited energies and highly motivated spirits to amplify the good work we are already doing.

We don’t believe for even a second that the best days of the Unitarian Universalism are behind us. But we know that what is coming will probably look a bit different than what exists now. The practices that we need to embrace that dawning future – Risk, Experimentation, and Mutual Support are practices that are inherently embodied in crowdfunding.

We launched FAITHIFY in 2014 to start to prepare for that future. Where any leader could learn and use our digital platform to connect to supporters and funders, leverage social networks to get the word out about their ideas, and get the support they need to start building a new way.

Since then, FAITHIFY.org has become Unitarian Universalism’s crowdfunding site, where passionate individuals can invest directly in ministries that excite them. Our 83% success rate shows how we embrace and are transformed by the challenge of our time. The only question we have for you is…

What Will You FAITHIFY?

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