DA Accountability Campaign

By Unitarian Universalist Mass Action Network

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Campaign ended on: November 09, 2017
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District Attorneys have incredible power in Massachusetts. They determine who is charged and with which crimes. Our laws, such as mandatory minimums, pre-trial bail and punitive collateral fees have increased our prison population five-fold since the 1980’s. But, laws do not present a complete picture. How those laws are applied are driven by the DA’s. The ACLU recently conducted a poll and found that over the last 20 years, 77% of the DA’s ran unopposed. Most people do not event know who their DA is – it’s time to change that.

All 11 DA’s are up for relection in 2018! Let’s find out what their values are, get to know what’s happening in their county and look at how it compares to others. UU Mass Action will be organizing district forums to help bring transpareceny to these races.

Please support this campaign and help us as we work to bring accountability to the role of DA!

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