BUC Lower-Level Flooding Repairs

Posted on November 10, 2021
Category: Disaster Relief
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DISASTER RELIEF: All gifts will be processed for this project (GOAL: $12,000) Historic rapid rainfall flooded the entire lower level of Birmingham Unitarian Church in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan (BUC). The congregation has determined how to fund all but $12,000 of the repairs and preventative measures. BUC is grateful to all our Faithify boosters!
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DISASTER RELIEF: All donations processed as they are given.

classsroom with flooded floor Classrooms became indoor swimming pools. (Photos post-remediation)

Classroom with cabinets torn out Ruined cabinetry has been torn out.

Hallway after water damage Main hallway is unusable.

Elevator shaft showing water level Elevator shaft taking forever to dry.

Water pooling outside building Standing water fixes needed: never again!

Yikes: water damage! Please help Birmingham Unitarian Church in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan repair our lower level and restore community activity!

Flood damage due to historic rapid rainfall in the Detroit metro area this summer affected the entirety of BUC’s lower level: 2400 square feet of classrooms plus kitchen, furnace and electrical room, and elevator. We want to not only remediate but also to protect our facility from likely future rainstorms like this.

Returning our lower level to usable space will help us bring back (COVID-safe) Religious Education programs and congregant meetings, as well as restore rental opportunities to groups such as AA that depend on our facility as much as we do on rental income.

The BUC community has grit and a DIY spirit. For example, several congregants helped with clean-up and one person bought 25 Rubbermaid tubs, packed, and carried our choir’s many years of sheet music upstairs to a safe space. In 2019, BUC completed a capital campaign to make our facility completely accessible, so we’re experienced in raising funds. But the type of renovation needed now is beyond our current ability.

The following hard cost of $180,000 is based on obtaining several estimates from local contractors (all of whom are swamped with this type of work):

  • $62,000 (actual cost, spent) for immediate remediation: water removal, cleanup, and tear-out of damaged walls, flooring, cabinetry, and furniture
  • $93,000 for interior build-back: flood-resistant flooring, drywall, baseboards, wall-hung lower cabinets, and some replacement furniture
  • $25,000 for exterior repairs and improvements to storm drainage systems to prevent future flooding

Our resources to fund the above are the $25,000 maximum allowed from flood insurance as well as cash from church savings and our endowment funds, plus a most welcome UUA disaster fund grant. We still are $12,000 short of what we need for restoration and, therefore, our request today.

We sincerely appreciate BUC’s family and Faithify friends for considering our beloved community for your charitable donation; thank you!

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