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GOAL $5,000 Help us bring a Hungarian Student Folk Dance Troupe from Transylvania to New England for a performance tour.
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We plan to bring the Vadrózsák (Wild Roses) student folk dance troupe and musicians from the Berde Mózes Unitarian High School in Székelykeresztúr, Transylvania (Romania) to New England this coming fall (2019) to perform and teach ethnic Hungarian folk dances in Massachusetts, Maine, and Vermont from   October 24 – November 5.

They will be based in Concord, MA, where they will perform and do home-stays with members of the First Parish congregation, and will also travel to Maine and Vermont. They will spend two nights at the Ferry Beach Retreat and Conference Center in Saco, Maine.

They will perform and teach at First Parish in Portland, and they will perform and participate in an international dance workshop in collaboration with members of the Yarmouth, Maine congregation at Ferry Beach.

They will also spend two nights in Vermont, where they will perform and hold another dance workshop, and they will be given hospitality by three congregations there: The UU Congregation of the Upper Valley in Norwich, The First Universalist Society of Hartland, and North Chapel in Woodstock. In addition, they will be hosted by the Youth Group of The First Church in Belmont MA (UU) for a performance and workshop.

These young people will be accompanied by several chaperones and a small delegation from Concord’s partner congregation in Székelykeresztúr; there will be twenty five travelers in all. This is a wonderful opportunity for these young people to share their passion for preserving their ethnic folk culture with us, and to learn about our culture. It will help strengthen the bonds of international partnership, as well as involve collaboration among several regional congregations in New England. It will bring together youth from Transylvania and America, and help them feel connected to and supported by our congregations.

We need $36,000 in all, and have raised $13,000 so far; we have another $8,000available to us. We have some other options for raising the needed funds, but this Faithify campaign is an important part of enabling us to reach our goal. Please help us make these young students’ dreams of visiting and performing in America come true with your donation.

For more information see our Partnership web page at https://firstparish.org/wp/connection/transylvanian-partnership


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