A New Van for Unirondack

Posted on April 9, 2018
Category: Youth
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Unirondack is raising money for a new 12-passenger van which will replace the utility of our current van and Blazer!
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Unirodack’s current fleet of vehicles is aging beyond what we can maintain. Long winters and rough roads have taken a toll on our (now deceased) 1998 Chevy Blazer and our 2004 Dodge Sienna minivan.

We’re seeking to replace both vehicles with one 12-passenger van that will save us on gas by preventing caravan travel and allowing fewer staff to make off-camp trips happen.

This van will be used to visit nearby Eagle Falls, Mosier Falls, Stillwater Reservoir  Cranberry Lake, Panther Pond, various Lowville/Watertown field trips, and for trips to Whitaker Park and will have towing capacity for our canoe trailer as well as room in the back for packs filled with adventure gear!

One thought on “A New Van for Unirondack

  1. Chuck & Renna


    Donation made to honor Alan Nasemann’s lifelong contributions to keep Unirondack wild.

    Hey Alan, we are all behind you in a great big van on your excursion toward recovery.

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