Boise UU Fellowship Choir  Tour to Transylvania

By Gwyn Reid

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The Boise UU choir is organizing a musical pilgrimage to Transylvania for the summer of 2018.  We are asking for your help with a money donation to ensure that we can subsidize travel for members who would not otherwise be able to make the trip.

The goals of the pilgrimage:

  • Explore and experience the historic roots of Unitarianism
  • Help commemorate and celebrate the 450th anniversary of the Edict of Torda
  • Connect with our partner church and other Unitarians through the universal language of music
  • Celebrate the 25th anniversary of our partnership with the congregation of Mészkő
  • Visit historic Unitarian sites and other regional historic sites

The trip will begin with a visit to Kolozsvár (Cluj) in the Transylvania region of Romania, where the spirit of religious tolerance through Unitarian thought was introduced in the 16th century.  The planned itinerary includes:

  • Concerts at select venues including churches and cultural halls
  • A weekend of connecting, worshiping, and singing with our partners in Mészkő
  • A Unitarian tour of Kolozsvár/Cluj including 1st Church, the Unitarian HQ & High School, and St. Michael’s Church
  • Visiting the church where the Edict of Torda was first created
  • Visiting the citadel of Deva where Francis David was martyred
  • Visiting the church where King John Sigismond, author of the edict of Torda, is buried
  • Visiting several other world heritage sites, some with Unitarian connections

To make our pilgrimage a success, we need everyone to be able to participate.  While some members can afford the trip, others cannot.  The $5,000 amount we’re trying to raise on Faithify represents one third of our total fundraising goal.

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