This fundraiser, “Assist Iowans Recovering from the Derecho,” has changed from being a regular category Faithify campaign to a Disaster Relief category campaign.  All pledges made before the change will be processed on 9/17 and all gifts to the campaign from this point on will be immediately processed at the time of entry. You will receive a receipt.

Why was this change made?

Faithify has two types of fundraisers, regular category where pledges are only processed once a fundraiser ends successfully (“All-or-Nothing”) and also special categories that process donations immediately (Disaster Relief and General Assembly).

This fundraiser was originally a regular type, but UUA staff reached out to advocate with the authors to change to the Disaster Relief category. While it is ideal to set the category designation before launch, in acute situations we are able to make the change after launch, and this really was a disaster situation.

The destructive storm that hit Iowa was a natural disaster – one that left many people without food or homes. Phone and electricity were completely shut off when the authors were preparing this fundraiser. I am glad we are able to make this retroactive change and get the needed funds to people quickly.

If you have any questions about your gift to this project, please contact our Faithify Project Manager, Halcyon Westall (hwestall@uua.org)

Thank you for supporting the recovery in Iowa.

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