We recently heard from, Ben Tompkins, the author of the successfully Faithify-ed project, “Uptown Community Podcast.” Here’s how the project has been progressing:

“The Uptown Community Podcast is going as well as expected in a pandemic. I am very grateful for the opportunity. Purchases were made over the holidays. It’s like a second Christmas over here!!! I’ve been able to put some of the hardware to use already.

And… The podcast is online! Purchased with part of the funds uptowncommunitypodcast.com is a work in progress. It’s an assurance that the podcast will be independent in the future as it reaches more listeners in a changing neighborhood.

I continue to work with what I can in preserving Preston Bradley, his building, and related pieces like a recording with our piano player. Thanks to the Unitarian Universalist Funding Program and FAITHIFY, I have been able to explore a rich history that runs deep from here in Uptown, Chicago. I look forward to connecting with more of our neighbors and sharing aspects of humanity that helps us contribute to a fair, just, and equitable world.

take hope and take care,

PS audio gear makes me an amateur audio engineer. I’m having a lot of fun geeking out about some of the logistics of recording and capturing my world.
Thanks again!

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