We recently heard from the producers of the successfully Faithify-ed project, “Development of a Childhood Hunger-Relief Religious Exploration Curriculum for Congregations.” Here’s how the project is progressing:

The curriculum is now available! You can download lesson plans (discussion sessions) for all ages on the new No Child Goes Hungry website.

But that’s not all!

NCGH has also been developing Little Free Food Pantries:

“I was so excited to hear that No Child Goes Hungry might have some funds to support a project at our congregation–and even more excited when I heard that the project could be a Little Free Food Pantry! We’ve been wanting to do something like that for a while (to complement our Little Free Library), and I know how meaningful it will be to our members to be able to contribute and of course to the folks who pick up the food. Our hope is to partner with a local Methodist church and build the pantries this summer–one at our place, one at theirs–symbolizing our hope that No Child Goes Hungry in front of any faith community.”
-Rev. Amanda Poppei

Check out the original project page


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