We recently heard from the producers of the successfully Faithify-ed project, “Bending the Arc Towards Justice”. Here’s how the film is growing and progressing:

“During 2018, the Bending the Arc toward Justice film project progressed and expanded, with the addition of 19 interviews (in addition to the 40 interviews completed in 2016 and 2017).  We’ve also continued our archival research and have collected hundreds of additional archival photos, mostly previously unseen, as well as rare archival film footage.

We now have an extraordinary collection of video interviews and archival material illustrating almost all aspects of the Civil Rights Movement in Birmingham, as well as much material focusing on Selma, Montgomery, and racial struggles in Alabama overall, both during the 1960s (and earlier) and today.

Because of this vast collection of extraordinary content, we have made the decision to expand the project to a docu-series—a collection of films about various aspects of the Movement in Alabama, starting with the Bending the Arc film that we originally planned.

So our first priority will be to finish the original film about the allies of the Movement in the 1960s in Birmingham (including the Unitarians, the Jewish community, and other key allies). We hope to finish this first film by the end of 2019 and premiere it during the spring of 2020 or soon thereafter. Once it is finished, we will then continue preparing the other films in the series, adding them one-by-one to the Bending the Arc website: http://bendingthearctojustice.com/

This timetable is more extended than our original plan for a single film, for two reasons. First, illness has sidelined the primary editor for several weeks, and this situation will continue for a few more weeks. Second, in order to find and select the very best clips for the first film—and to organize the video for the additional films—we are in the process of sorting through all of the hundreds of hours of video and labeling the content of all of the interviews. Once we have completed this process, we will have all of the video content time-coded and labeled—with selections ready to include in the first film and other selections ready to incorporate into the additional films in the series. In other words, we are taking time up front to organize all of the material for all of the films, since this is the most efficient strategy overall for the entire project.

We will provide another update to our investors and participants in about six months. Again, our first and foremost goal is to complete the originally planned Bending the Arc film, then proceed with adding more films to the website.

Thank you for your support of and participation in this important film project!”


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