We recently heard from Tristan Husby, Executive Director of UU Action New Hampshire, the producers of the successfully Faithify-ed project, “I Hope to Find a Way Out.” Here’s how the project has been progressing:

“The big news is that we’ve used the fund to bond out two men from detention. Our amazing leaders blogged out their experiences doing, so which you can read here and here.

UU Action NH’s Faithify campaign for the NH Bail and Bond Fund successfully finished on Friday, December 16, 2019. All of us who had worked on this project felt great. We had raised over six thousand dollars to free immigrants from detention in the US!

Just a week later, our bond was called to action. One of our key partners, the Immigrant and Refugee Working Group of the NH United Church of Christ Conference, had just been prohibited by the federal government from continuing to bond out detained immigrants. Could we step up? On Monday, December 23, one of our key leaders, Livia Gershon did step up. Using the detailed instructions from our allies, she bonded “Jorge” from the Dover county jail. It was work that revealed how necessary this fund is: UUANH contributed $5,000 to Jorge’s $7,000 bond.

Last week, we saw how our work is still needed. On Friday, January 31, Edna White and Curt Smith, two leaders of the NH Bail and Bond, bonded out “Luis” with $3,000.

We will continue this important work, as we at the NH Bail and Bond fund believe that no one should stay in jail because they can’t afford bond. But this work also recommits us to changing our immigration system, so that someday our Bond Fund won’t even be necessary.”


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