Leadership development

Send Tennessee  UUs to Gamaliel National Training!

Support Congregation-Based Community Organizing and develop powerful congregational leaders in East TN with tuition assistance for Gamaliel Training
$0 Funded
- 0% of $2,5
28 Days Left

Bring Nonviolent Training to Owensboro, KY

Training local leaders in nonviolent direct action methods and strategies.
$510 Funded
- 128% of $4
0 Days Left

Help Monica Jacobson-Tennessen get to the MFC

Help a candidate for the UU ministry cover travel expense from the west coast to the MFC in Boston.
$500 Funded
- 100% of $5
0 Days Left

Erin Walter’s Ordination Fund

Celebrate Erin Walter's ordination, whether near or far! Your gift will help create the event, and any extra money will go to the offering.
$330 Funded
- 100% of $33
0 Days Left

Emily and Lisa’s Ordination  Support  Fund

We are First U Members Emily Bruce and Lisa Garcia-Sampson and we are both ministers in formation, raising funds for ordination costs.
$2,205 Funded
- 130% of $1,7
0 Days Left

Help Walter Get to the MFC

Help me defray the costs of the Ministerial Fellowship Committee, an important step that ensures UU ministers are ready to step into leadership.
$1,000 Funded
- 100% of $1,
0 Days Left

Help Jon Coffee get to the MFC

Help a candidate for ministry cover travel expense to the Ministerial Fellowship Committee.
$1,235 Funded
- 124% of $1,
0 Days Left

Love Boat – NOVA Multi-Congregation RE Teacher Training

Fund "Love Boat" RE Teacher Training for 11 UU Congregations to sail into a great year of teaching in the NOVA cluster. Speakers, lunch & childcare funded for 200+ area RE teachers.
$4,000 Funded
- 100% of $4,
0 Days Left

Help McKayla Get to the 2017 UU General Assembly!

Help an aspiring minister attend her first GA!
$1,500 Funded
- 100% of $1,5
0 Days Left