Help Stop Summer Learning Loss: CDF Freedom   School

For the past two years, All Souls hosted the only Children's Defense Fund Freedom School Program in Indiana. With your help we can do it again!
$665 Funded
- 9% of $7,5
39 Days Left

Make Sanctuary Possible in   Manchester, N.H.

Help provide sanctuary for an individual (or family) in danger of deportation! Please help us get our church ready!
$410 Funded
- 10% of $4,
38 Days Left

Supporting Our Guest in   Sanctuary

STRETCH GOAL ADDED! On January 6, 2018, First Parish in Bedford welcomed into sanctuary a Central American woman in danger of imminent deportation. Help us support her!
$10,475 Funded
- 105% of $10,
15 Days Left

Honoring Rev. Jeffrey and Marguerite   Campbell

Erect a memorial for mid-century Black Universalist minister Jeffrey Campbell and Marguerite Campbell, Black Universalist lay leader
$2,445 Funded
- 98% of $2,5
15 Days Left

Sun Daughters: a healing retreat for Black    Womxn

A safe haven created by Black Womxn for Black Womxn to recharge, re-energize, and reconnect to themselves and each other.
$525 Funded
- 18% of $3,
7 Days Left

Immigration Justice: Youth   Border Advocacy

Youth will travel to the US-Mexico border to deepen understanding of borders, migration, social justice, and advocacy.
$2,745 Funded
- 110% of $2,5
6 Days Left

Bring Beloved Conversations to    Kansas/KC!

FUND BELOVED CONVERSATIONS! - a UU workshop for the Kansas/KC congregations that offers skilled facilitation of conversations around race/oppression.
$2,800 Funded
- 100% of $2,8
0 Days Left

Make Sanctuary Possible in   Boulder

Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder voted to offer Sanctuary to immigrants, and a tenant terminated their lease creating a $35K budget gap.
$7,668 Funded
- 102% of $7,5
0 Days Left

Love in Action: UU Justice Evolves in Pacific NW

Stretch Goal Added! Help UUs in the Pacific Northwest put their love into action with the evolution of a unified, effective state action network for Washington State.
$2,760 Funded
- 138% of $2,
0 Days Left