Building projects

Support Solar Power in Coal Country

Help us maximize the effectiveness of solar power array through energy-efficiency improvements to our historic, yet leaky, administrative building
$1,311 Funded
- 66% of $2,
39 Days Left

RELIEF FUND: Provincetown, MA   Winter Storm Flood

STRETCH GOAL ADDED! On Thursday, January 4, the UU Meeting House of Provincetown was flooded by the incredibly high tide/winter storm combination which slammed Cape Cod a and other coastal areas. The 1847 building took on up to 6 inches of water on the first floor. Please donate to help fund the cleanup and recovery not covered by their insurance.
$13,427 Funded
- 134% of $10,
14 Days Left

SMALL CONGREGATION – New Kitchen to Serve Others

Our new kitchen will provide opportunities for food & fellowship with other groups and food assistance for those in need.
$1,716 Funded
- 100% of $1,716
0 Days Left

Opening the Door to Our  Future

The campaign will allow us to clear and cover a dirt floor under our parish hall which serves a meeting place for the members and many diverse groups.
$40 Funded
- 2% of $1,8
0 Days Left

Help Open Hearts and Doors in West Virginia

West Virginia's largest UU sanctuary is hopping with many new regular attendees, but we literally can't open our doors to welcome everyone inside.
$6,055 Funded
- 101% of $6,
0 Days Left

Rev. Jeff Jones Celebration of Ministry

Activities to Commemorate and Celebrate Jeff Jones' 7-year Ministry at Emerson UU Congregation
$150 Funded
- 30% of $5
0 Days Left

Help Keep Wind Damage   from Slowing Progress

Our church has been experiencing an exciting revival. Then, all of a sudden, a freak wind storm damages our roof but hopefully not our momentum.
$937 Funded
- 19% of $5,
0 Days Left

Green Sanctuary in   the Desert

Our small congregation has developed a plan to beautify our grounds, so that our church is pleasing to the eye and spirit. This is the first stage.
$600 Funded
- 20% of $3,
0 Days Left

Build a home for a desperately poor Mayan family.

Build a home for a very poor indigenous family in Panajachel Guatemala.
$4,200 Funded
- 105% of $4,
0 Days Left