Launching Your Campaign

How long does it take to build and submit a campaign?

The amount of time it takes to build a campaign depends on how much work has been done ahead of time. If your video is ready to go, you can get started pretty quickly. If you want to take longer to sculpt your campaign page, that’s cool too. After you initially enter your campaign into Faithify, you can save it as a draft or submit it for review. There’s no deadline to complete your draft and submit. Read this How to Post a Campaign guide for more information.

Does Faithify review campaigns before launch?

All we do is a quick check to make sure each campaign meets our guidelines before it launches. The three things we will look at before a project goes live are:

  1. The “claim” and “claimed by” Unitarian Universalism Connection questions have been answered.
  2. Ensure that the campaign is not spam or otherwise apparently fraudulent.
  3. Ensure that the campaign narrative is not so incomplete as to be incomprehensible to site visitors and we have a general sense the campaign owner can be accountable to what they proport.

How long does the review process take?

Most campaigns are reviewed within a day.  If criteria for the site are met, we then ask you to confirm the details of the campaign. We recommend that campaign owners budget at least 48 hours for the review and confirmation process, especially on weekends.