Going to #UUAGA?

Faithify has a proven record of helping people get to UUA General Assembly. Youth Groups, Seminarians, Workshop Presenters, Artists, Musicians, and Plain ol’ Folx have successfully raised needed financial support to be part our denomination’s annual business, networking, and learning bonanza.

Crowdfunding is a democratic, grass roots, and increasingly common tool to fund travel and registration expenses. Faithify funders know that when they contribute to a General Assembly scholarship campaign, they are expressing The Power of We by welcoming more people to fully participate in our Association’s present and future.

93% of Faithify campaigns seeking travel expenses for General Assembly have been successful. We charge no fees to host your campaign even for individuals! We have the highest success rate in the industry AND you get real human UU support for your project.

Interested in running a campaign for 2019 UUA General Assembly? Here’s some tips:

  1. Be clear about your mission. Whether you are a youth group, an individual, or you are bringing in non-UU presenters for a workshop, articulate how this trip matters to your UU values and the “work” you are advancing in the world.
  2. Who are you representing? What congregation, UU organization, or specific identity group are you part of who needs to be included at our General Assembly?  Funders want to support making General Assembly more accessible especially for attendees from traditionally marginalized communities.  Let funders know if you will be a delegate or a presenter, and if you’ll be bringing information back to share with your constituents/community.
  3. Use a clear picture of yourself or your group. Funders want to connect with you and a picture is a great way to help boost connection.
  4. Remember: All Faithify campaigns must claim and be claimed by Unitarian Universalism. Sometimes the “claimed by” baffles campaign authors, but really it’s just about showing how you are held in relationship with other Unitarian Universalists.
  5. Keep your goal aspirational but attainable. Faithify is “All-or -Nothing” fundraising, so set the goal at the amount that will make GA possible for you. You can accept funding beyond that goal once it is reached.
  6. Get some testimonials: Did others from your congregation or organization attend GA previously? Get a quote or two from them telling how it was meaningful to them personally or for your group. For individuals – Unless they know you already, people who read your campaign usually want to see some sort of  institutional connection in order to trust your campaign. If you are part  of a congregation, name it. If you are a seminarian or religious professional, name it. Gather a couple testimonials from a congregational leader, credentialed colleague, or another UU with whom you are in relationship. These short personal testimonials make a big difference.
  7. Share, share, share and then share some more!  Share with your Regional communications team, your identity group email lists, your uncle, and your  church newsletter. Repeat. It may feel uncomfortable to keep putting your campaign in front of people, but it is the best way to get your project to the goal. This is hard for individuals especially, it might feel like self promotion, which we have been acculturated to think is wrong. If that feeling happens to you, remember point #1, Be Clear About Your Mission. Your presence will make the whole gathering stronger. We need YOU at UUAGA 2019!

Are you ready? Get inspired by recently funded General Assembly Scholarship campaigns  or GA Scholarship campaigns from our Archives  and then create your own Faithify campaign to get to GA!

Got questions? Check out our FAQ pages or contact Project Manager, Halcyon Westall for help.


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