Your campaign success depends on reaching people.

You have limited time in your busy life for a fundraising campaign, so how should you make the most of it? Don’t be overwhelmed, use your precious time wisely! Creating a compelling Story and mapping out Community interactions should compromise 80% of your fundraising plan. Faithify’s fundraising platform reduces Administration and Website work to be a mere 20% of your time. Telling your project’s story and planning outreach is the solid foundation for your campaign’s success!

The Story (Why Are We Doing This?)

Your Faithify campaign page and the publicity you create is how you tell your project’s Story. Why is your project happening? What obstacles need to be overcome to make it happen? Who will benefit from this project and how? Who are the people involved and what are their qualifications? Who else in your community thinks this project is important? Who will you be working with and how will you honor your partnerships? Developing the compelling story behind the fundraiser will serve as motivation throughout the campaign, especially during the challenging portions of the process.

Tell your story with effective and efficient video! 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and videos are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text. People are far more likely to share social media posts that include brief videos. By taking the time to create a video, your are greatly increasing your chance of having your story seen, understood, remembered, and shared.

Break down the process of creating a video into simpler parts. Think of a video like a play: In the first 30 seconds introduce the “characters”, the people involved in your project, so we care. In the next 30 seconds, introduce the conflict/issue you are solving with your project to get our attention. And in the final minute, tell how your project provides a resolution/solution.

The Community (Who’s In?)

Being able to clearly articulate the story of your campaign leads to the next important step of the process: rallying your community. A good story makes fundraisers easy because participating in the campaign won’t be about just a pitch for money- it’s part of something bigger. You’re inviting stakeholders to be part of your vision.

Map out who are your community members and then think about where they will interact with messages from you. Have a plan that uses many modes of communication: social media, organizational newsletters, and even news outlets! Put your story in front of people’s attention. Ask backers to spread the word and always include a link to your Faithify campaign page.

A clear, compelling story helps each member of your community find their place in the narrative. They’ll see how they fit into the big picture and respond to your campaign. They’ll remind you and one another of the value of what you are doing.

Don’t worry about getting your Story and Community outreach plan “perfect” – there’s no such thing. Just jump in and have fun!

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