One of our core human needs is connection. We all have our individual ways of making connections- whether it’s through social interaction, time in nature, playing with pets, working towards justice, there are as many expressions of connection as there are raindrops. One vital expression of connection that is sometimes overlooked is philanthropy.

When we see our values mirrored in another person’s or organization’s project and then fund the health and growth of that project we are making a deep connection. We are intertwining our resources with their success and nurturing a new shared future.  As Rev. Liz Maclay is quoted above, like drops of rain we find each other and “so are bound together, on this shared passage toward an unknown ocean and eternity.”  It is powerful soul work!

Just since September, 720 people have found projects on Faithify for the first time and made a connection, binding their future to that of the project they funded. I like to image those 720 people at a party, talking to each other about what motivated their gift and finding ways to co-create healing and love in the world. Then, I like to continue the fantasy… we are joined by all the thousands of folx who are actively donating to multiple campaigns on! (We would be in a big venue with plenty of food and drinks for everyone!) These multiple project funders would provide stories about watching their funded projects grow and change shape. Perhaps they’ve watched a project go through iterations and come back with new fundraisers. These amazing people would bring commitment and energy, so our individual ideas would become “a rivulet, a stream, a river, a sea” of connection. What a vision!

This vision of connection and community is already real…Faithify IS that party! This site is more than a fundraising platform. It is people seeking justice and Unitarian Universalist ministry expressed beyond our congregational walls. Whether you have funded one or 31 projects, you have found the power of nurturing connections through Faithify. You are adding your vision to our shared future. In celebration, we are creating a group for those of you on facebook to converse, share ideas, and hear news of exciting projects. This is a space for anyone who uses Faithify.  Please join us!


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