Good Standing


Faithify is a project of the Unitarian Universalist Association. The website platform and support staffing is offered by the UUA as a service to our Unitarian Universalist faith and world. This fundraising service is available to projects with a UU Connection authored by UU congregations, UU organziations, and UU individuals.  This ministry is funded by gifts to the UUA Annual Program Fund by UUA congregations and donations directly to Faithify Operations.

There are two Faithify features which require a congregation/organization be “in good standing with the UUA.”

What does it mean to be “in good standing” with the UUA?
  • For UUA congregations:  Being in good standing is to be in covenanted relationship with the Unitarian Universalist Association. For congregations, one way this is demonstrated by having a gift of record on file for the preceding year.  More details will be posted here soon.
  • For UU Organizations and UU Congregations beyond the UUA: The UUA has longstanding, covenantal relationships with many UU organizations and global UU congregations. Each request will be considered individually.

Please contact us with any questions!