Faithify is a relational, UU fundraising platform supporting UU values in action through crowdfunding. The COVID-19 crisis presents new challenges for our campaign authors and backers, and we are prepared to help you navigate changes that effect you and your Faithify campaigns.

Updated 11/10/20

The UUA has been closely monitoring news about COVID-19 and how it is impacting daily life. In March 2020, we created new guidelines to help our Faithify community weather the uncertainties of fundraising when everything is changing so quickly. While there are detailed policies on funding and commerce for Faithify campaigns on our Terms and Conditions page, we felt it appropriate to create the following guidelines specifically in response to campaigns that are impacted by the pandemic.  These guidelines have been sent to all authors of travel/event Faithify campaigns. Additional guidelines have been extended to all categories of campaigns and will apply until further notice.

Faithify travel/event campaigns where the event/trip is changed or cancelled:

  • Authors will add information to their campaign description if the event/trip is postponed, cancelled, or is held virtually. If necessary, alternate plans for donations will be described. Backers always have the option of withdrawing their pledge if desired.
  • On the end date of travel/event campaigns, Faithify staff will reach out to the author to confirm that a successfully funded campaign should still be processed. Pledges of successful campaigns will not be processed until we receive confirmation from the author.
  • If an event/trip is canceled or modified such that an author no longer need the funds in an ongoing campaign, we can close an ongoing Faithify campaign at the author’s request. The closed campaign will be marked “closed” and remain visible on our site. Faithify will send a notification to any backers of campaigns closed due to the pandemic.

Regarding all Faithify campaign categories:

  • We are living in extraordinary times.  Our lives and projects are impacted by COVID-19 in diverse ways. If you need to change a pledge you have made, contact us, and we can adjust or withdraw a pledge or refund a donation.
  • If you’ve authored a campaign, but you are impacted by the pandemic in a way that makes it impossible to continue the campaign, we can close an ongoing campaign.
  • There may be slight delays in processing successful campaigns as we implement these new guidelines. Please extend a generous spirit to campaign authors and Faithify staff.

As always, please let Faithify staff know if you need help, that’s why we are here.

Be Safe, Everyone.

The UUA website has resources to help UU leaders address pandemic illness, developed by UUA Congregational Life Staff.

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