Dearest Faithify Community,

We are incredibly proud of all we have achieved together this year. Over $200,000 has been raised for Unitarian Universalist ministries in all five regions of the UUA and internationally. Here’s what we funded since July 2018:

  • Youth from eight congregations traveled for service, learning, and faith development.
  • Three full curricula were created for congregations doing the work of multi-generational activism, radical inclusion, and hunger awareness.
  • Refugees in Wisconsin and Greece were sheltered and treated with dignity.
  • Outreach to community partners provided justice focused educational opportunities like replacing detention with yoga in North Carolina, summer Freedom School in Indiana,  art and literacy labs for Ramapough Lenape youth in New Jersey, and schooling for displaced Haitian youth.
  • UU’s in Australia, Transylvania, and the United States made vital improvements to their buildings.
  • Five religious professionals met the financial costs of ordainment, installation, credentialing, and student debt reduction.
  • UU Francophone Africans, Musicians, Humanists, Climate Justice Activists, and Religious Professionals of Color received scholarships for community gatherings and conferences.
  • Double the number of people funded their participation in our General Assembly.

And Bail Equity, Building Houses, Decolonizing UU History, and, and,….it takes my breath away to look over the year’s projects and see the accumulated impact of your individual donations! We’ve funded so many amazing connections. It’s clear that Faithify is an engine for realizing our collective Unitarian Universalist mission.

During the month of June, we are holding an appeal for donations to Faithify operations. Since 2014, Faithify has been free for users. There is absolutely no fee to list a campaign on the site, but there are costs for maintaining and staffing the site. We ask that you consider how helps express your values, and make a donation to support our site today.

Help us raise $2,000 before June 30th! Watch our facebook page for regular updates on this goal, including video thank you notes and live reports from General Assembly.

The offering plate is now in your virtual hands. Thank you.

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July 17:

Great news—we have just about met the June fundraising goal. 

Thank you so much for your support of Faithify, and for your participation in crowdfunding Unitarian Universalism. You may know that Faithify just celebrated our fifth anniversary. Creating a UU crowdfunding website has been a collective effort which could not have succeeded without visionaries like you.

Faithify was created to interrupt “business as usual” fundraising.

In these last five years together, we have increased financial transparency and centered relationships in fundraising.

Faithify continues to reach new audiences within and outside Unitarian Universalism, funding creative and relevant projects on our stable and friendly crowdfunding platform …all while maintaining an exceptional 83% overall campaign success rate.

And we will keep striving to democratize funding.

Each donation to Faithify benefits future Unitarian Universalist projects, and last month we gratefully received donations towards shepherding new and returning members of the Faithify community.

I hope you will follow us on social media—@faithifyuu on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram—to see each new project as it gets launched. 

It is exciting to be part of this new paradigm, expanding the reach of UU values and developing grass-roots funding for UU ministries. We have only just begun!

With gratitude,

Halcyon Westall signature

Halcyon Westall
Project Manager,

P.S. The June appeal may be over, but gifts to Faithify Operations are welcome year-round at Thanks again for your support.


June 29 Update:

Thanks to Diane, Roy, Carolyn, Linda, and Amelia we are now only $205 from our goal-  So close!


June 27 Update:

Wow! The Faithify community has been incredibly generous!

Thank you to recent donors: Jennifer, Susan, Katrina, Anne, Helen, Linnea, Beverly, John, Anne, Patricia, and Kathleen.

We are so close to our goal- only $340 left to raise by June 30th!


June 26 Update:

Just 4 more days left in this appeal and $820 left to reach our goal.  Can you help this end of the year campaign for our operations costs?

Thank you to donors Fulgence, Delynn, and Casey!

General Assembly was a whirlwind of activity. We loved meeting Faithify family from all over and spreading the good news of crowdfunding UU projects!  Faithify staff  took part in two poster sessions (Crowdfunding UU Dreams with Chalice Lighters and Faithify and UUA Disaster Relief Fund: Responding to Crisis with Connection) and a workshop (Unconscious Bias: A Roadblock to Fundraising Success) Look to the July newsletter for more info and resources from the workshop!


June 17 Update:

Thank you to these fabulous donors!



Al & Carol







June 11, 2019 Update

We are ⅓ through our Faithify June Operations Appeal and we are so thankful to everyone who has donated to support the Faithify platform!

Thank you to:


We still have a ways to go to meet our $2,000 goal by June 30th.  Please contribute any size gift: $5, $50 or even $500! Every gift will help us continue to offer Faithify into the future. Thank you!

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