Since 2014, over $1.6 MILLION has been raised for Unitarian Universalist ministries through our UU crowdfunding website,!

Faithify is free and available to all UU congregations, organizations, and individuals. Unlike many crowdfunding sites, we don’t take a percentage of what’s raised— more of the money you give through Faithify goes to the project.

To keep this going, we need your help. Your generosity helps Unitarian Universalism thrive, and by donating to Faithify Operations you’ll be funding our website costs. With your gifts, Faithify will continue to enable UU communities to fund their important projects.

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What makes Faithify different? is Unitarian Universalist, through and through. As a project of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), we are committed to interconnected, relational fundraising for UU projects. is one of the ways the UUA can support UU congregations, communities, and people as they live their values in the world.

We offer:

FREE hosting of campaigns on our website.

FREE support for technical issues from a real human. (Hi there!)

FREE advice from our crowdfunding experts as you build your campaign page and promote your campaign.

FREE promotion of your campaign in Faithify newsletters, social media posts, and homepage, plus regional promotion of your campaign.

NEW this year:

  • We removed the “All-or-Nothing” goal on all General Assembly travel and registration campaigns. Now you keep everything you raise for UUA GA!
  • For congregations and UU organizations in good standing with the UUA, include CHECKS towards your Faithify campaign goal! Yes, that means your supporters can now choose to donate online or by check.

We are always listening to your feedback and adjusting Faithify to better serve. All the fabulous features above are free to Faithify users, but there are costs for maintaining and staffing the site. We ask that you consider how helps express your values, and make a donation to support our site today.



Need more info about what makes Faithify successful?

Faithify fills a need in Unitairan Universalist communities: helping fund UU projects by our congregations, organizations, and individuals. Over 30 campaigns have launched this church year, with an amazing variety of topics that express our UUA Mission priorities…

infographic of projects that fulfill the UUA missionEquip congregations for health and vitality

  • Youth went on a learning trip to the Arizona/Mexico border
  • Replacing youth room couches
  • New sheet music for a growing congregational choir
  • Three congregations ordained ministers
  • Disaster relief for repairs from flooding and asbestos tiles
  • Ministry to incarcerated UU’s

Support and train leaders, both lay and professional

  • Scholarships to the Green New Deal conference
  • Operating expenses of UU Ministry for the Earth and The Create Climate Justice Initiative
  • Travel costs to UUA General Assembly and Ministerial Fellowship Committee interviewsOWL Training in a small congregation
  • Preserving 50 years of UU LGBTQIA denominational leadership

Advance UU values in the world

  • Sponsorship, housing, bail, and travel for refugees
  • Scholarships for DREAMers
  • Housing for people once they return to community after prison
  • A downtown mural in memorial to Rev. James Reeb
  • Transylvanian dance troupe tour of New England
  • Empowering Bolivian women in leadership programs
  • An art and climate action project by Florida youth
  • A green burial cemetery
  • Staffing for UU Action in New Hampshire

Donors like you have funded so many amazing projects! It’s clear that Faithify is an engine for realizing our collective Unitarian Universalist mission.


The offering plate is now in your virtual hands. Thank you.


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We are incredibly grateful that you, our Faithify community, came through with strong support during our December operations appeal. We reached our end of the year goal. Thank you!

With your gifts to our operations, Faithify will continue to enable UU communities funding important projects.  Here’s to a vibrant new year!